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being tired and anxiety?

being tired and anxiety?
does anyone tend to get more anxiety when you are tired?

if i don't get a lot of sleep over a 4-5 day period, my anxiety shoots up like crazy and i have a hard time falling asleep
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Yes the same happens to me that is the reson my anxiety is sky high coz I have problums sleeping  
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Anxiety and panic can take its on us both mentally and physically in my opinion.  In my experience with it, when I am tired, it can seem to affect me much more than when I am well rested.  I believe that it takes a lot of energy to confront it and when we are drained it is that much harder to confront.  That is why it so important to learn how to confront it, in my opinion. For me, the most important step I took was to learn about it through counseling either one on one or in groups.  It gave me the knowledge to better understand it and much easier to deal with even when I am tired.  
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it *****..i go to sleep and my mind races
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I also have this issue. Really bad. I cannot sleep at the moment and where as my councilor told me a panic attack can last upto 2 hours. I seem to have been in a constant one for 3 days now. Im exhausted. I can't sleep and I really want to as I have work.  I keep having a horrible rush go through me. Its scary and im exhausted but also cannot seem to control it at all
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I had horrible postpartum anxiety and panic attacks and I realized they were directly correlated to lack of sleep. If the baby had a bad night I was guaranteed to have at least 1 panic attack the next day or just constant chest pain and feeling of being on edge.
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An emphatic YES.  i can feel very weak, tired and sometimes nauseous.  Anxiety is just crippling when it's bad.  The very term "anxiety" has evolved in my world over the years btw.  In college anxiety was going on a 1st date or taking a final.  That kind didn't tire me.  It actually did the opposite.  But the kind I have now, which is associated with phobias, impending doom, panic disorder....well that **** just wipes my whole existence out.  
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