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best way to cure intense anxiety symptoms ?

I was wondering if it is possible to cure or improve bad Anxiety symptoms naturaly? Symptoms include racing thoughts, constant headaches, nervous shakes sometimes, poor focus and concentration, dizzyness, sometimes fuzzy vision (mainly when im talking to  restlessness, derealization and depersonalization (im not sure of how bad i have the last 2 but after readung about it ive been expiriancing it a fair bit) i dont want to become reliant on medication as i think its a quick fix and id like to learn how to control it myself. Ive only just started getting help, so i havnt explained everything to my doctor and physcologist only told them a few of my symptoms so im not sure whether what i have is at the level which may need medication or if i can actually cure it without. If anyone can help id love a second opinion! Thanks so much, kirty
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Go back to your doctor and tell them everything and maybe have an MRI to see if any thing going on in your head. You have many symptoms of concern esp the fuzzy vision. You could only be having migrains but usually nausia comes with migrains. Really dont put his off.
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You describe classic symptoms of chronic/severe anxiety.  If you're experiencing the derealization/depersonalization as you think you may be, that could definitely explain the visual disturbances.  When I experienced DR for the first time, I went to the eye doctor about 10 times, I was certain there was something wrong with my vision!  DR/DP are very common side effects of chronic and/or severe anxiety/panic.  

The thing with anxiety disorders (if indeed you do have one), is, there really isn't a "cure" per se.  There are many different treatment approaches which will help you learn coping mechanisms, and ways to keep the anxiety at a manageable level.  The most common approach to treating anxiety disorders is with the SSRI antidepressants (ie Zoloft, Prozac, Lexapro, etc) and therapy.  

That doesn't mean you HAVE to take medication, certainly a lot of people opt not to, and approach treatment without meds.  I WILL say, however, if your anxiety is severe enough, and it is affecting your life significantly, I would advise you to consider all the options.  Have an open mind.  Anxiety treatment also involves work on your part, whether you take meds or not.  We have to learn how to retrain our thought processes, and learn to come out of our comfort zone while addressing the anxiety.  That's very hard to do, especially at first.

Your best bet at this point is to have a very honest and frank discussion with your doctor.  Tell him everything...all your symptoms, how you're feeling, your thoughts, etc.  At that point, the best course of action would be to get a referral to a psychiatrist, who can thoroughly assess you, offer an accurate diagnosis, and discuss treatment approaches with you.  Therapy will be a must, whether you decide to use meds or not.  CBT, or cognitive behavioral therapy, is a super form of therapy for treating anxiety.  Ask about if it is available near you.

If you DO decide to give meds a try, remember that they are only ONE tool in the treatment of anxiety.  Meds work to help reduce the symptoms of anxiety (which, for a lot of people, they do very well), while therapy teaches you how to cope with anxiety, how to change that cycle of anxious thinking/worrying, and helps to get to the bottom of any deep seeded issue that may be causing your anxiety (if any...not everyone has an undiscovered reason for their anxiety...some people are just prone to it).  Meds take a while to work, so no matter what you choose, you have to try to accept that this takes time.  You won't feel better overnight.  With some hard work, patience, and the right professionals, you WILL get there, though.

You can also start getting books to help you learn coping as well.  One I highly recommend is "The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook".  It's an interactive book that teaches different exercises, allows for journalling and tracking of symptoms.  It's a great resource.  This site has great traxckers also, and a journal option.  You can journal your thoughts/progress privately, just for your eyes only, or you can make your journals public, which allows othe members to comment, give you support, offer some recommendations.  It's a great feature!

Physical exercise is very helpful, as it releases endorphins, which are our body's natural "feel good" chemicals.  If you're kind of out of shape, start slow with just a daily walk.  Working on getting quality sleep is important as well.  Also, avoiding triggers is important...like caffeine, alcohol, drugs.  That's just a few basic things for starters.  When you get settled in with a therapist, he/she will give you a lot of recommendations.

So, get the ball rolling.  Get in to see your doctor...and start the process of addressing the anxiety.  The longer you wait, the harder it can be to get the anxiety down to a tolerable level.  Sounds like you've already waited too long!  You certainly don't have to suffer needlessly with anxiety, not when there is so much help out there!  You are far from alone, too...many many people struggle with anxiety.  18% of the US population is diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.  That's just the people who are officially diagnosed, there are MANY many more.  That's a lot of people.

Please keep us updated!!  Best of luck to you.
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Thank you so much for your advice, i have held back a little bit when talking to my doctor because i guess im worried about finding out i have something worse or that she might tell me im crazy. Maybe i should just write everything down so i dont miss a thing when i next see her to make sure i can start getting the right therapy straight away. I agree  think i have been expiriancing this for longer than i thought (untreated)  i went through phases during high school, and its come back recently at times when i have been highly stressed. i geuss i just blocked it out as my family would tell me that i am overeacting and being silly and it will all pass, but keeps coming back. ive found it hard to ask for help as im sort of afraid of being judged (as silly as that sounds) and it took a long time to make the decision to go see somebody. I am currently with a physcologist but i am not 100% sure i am connecting with him, maybe because i havnt told him everything tho i have tried explaining most things, i dont know but he has given me a few techniques to use such as breathing, mindfulness techniques and activities which involve me writing down how im feeling daily and things like that i have only seen him 5 times and i have taken on board what he has said but i feel as though its taking a while to get somewhere. ive been referred to a physcologist through my doctor whom she said might be better, then possibly a phschiatrist if need be afterwards. So i will see how i go with a new one.

How do you go about getting an MRI scan? i have had blood and urine tests to check for numerous things including iron, vitimins, allergies, thyroid etc.. recently and they all came back completely fine and normal. ive wanted to go and get absolutely everything checked but i dont want everyone thinking im a hyperchondriact lol. Im new to all of this i never use to go to doctors ive never been to a physcologist only a school councelor in grade 8 for a short time and i never thought what i expirianced could be treated or should be treated, i just hoped it would pass by i geuss but im finding it hard to shake this time round. Been trying to fix myself but obviously isnt working and has been doing my head in even more by trying to figure it all out without any second opinions.

I was doing some excersise consistantly about a couple months ago and it did help me to feel grounded, but i started taking pre workout supplements and had a bad expiriance, felt like i was going to faint and was super dizzy after a hard work out it was scary and it hung around for about half hour to an hour i had to just lay down i did feel as though i could have had a panic attatck if i didnt lay down and relax myself. Would long light walks be enough do you think? I have stopped taking the pre workout as it was full of caffiene and other stuff i think that may have triggered something.

Ill check out the interactive workbook you reccommended also, thanks so much for your help!


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also I dont think im having migrains (referring to the first comment) as I dont get nauseus, the head aches only last about 5 seconds they are like strong tension head aches, i rarely get headaches that last longer than 10 mins, i heard thats a common sympton for anxiety??

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Yes I get those all the time, and listen you can cure your anxiety. I've felt with anxiety, really really bad anxiety, I've experianced just about every symptom, and you can definatley get over it without meds.  I've never taken 1 pill! But yes I understand the tension aches in the head. All the sudden your head hurts real bad almost as if your brain seems super tight and it last only minutes. I'm going through the same thing so no worry. 1 peter 5 :7
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Juts make sure you reach out to your doctor, tell him everything that's been going on, so he/she can help you decide how to best approach this.  There are lots of different approaches to treating anxiety, you just have to find something that works for you, and don't let anyone else tell you what you should or shouldn't do, based on their own preferences.  

For example, I'm a big supporter of the use of meds as one tool to help get anxiety under control, but I realize that not everyone chooses to go the med route, that's ok.  As long as they do something to address it and get it to a manageable level, that's all that matters.  There is therapy, meditation, biofeedback, all kinds of things.  

It's also normal to feel a little uncomfortable talking about it at first, but doctors are used to hearing these things, trust me.  Try not to be afraid to open up, tell your doc what's going on, and ask for help.  Sounds like you've already had a very thorough medical work-up, so the next logical step is to address the anxiety.

Keep us posted!
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Hi there Kirty,

When it comes to the psychological aspect of anxiety treatment, I think that doing some sort of cognitive therapy is the most effective. With that said though, just learning how to relax and doing a daily relaxation sessinon on your own can really damp down the tendency to become anxious and eventually eliminate it. I had anxiety problems for a few months and then began listening to a relaxation CD once per day, everyday and it really has made a big difference. Something simple that does really work. But it is most important to keep with it everyday, persistence is key.

I think that after being anxious for a good period of time cause us to learn a new behaviour which in turn, makes it a bit more difficult to shake off - it can be completely "unlearned" but it takes time and effort. The mental component is the biggest part for sure but I do know that nutrition is a huge part also.

Anything that is anxiolytic as you may know about probably already like caffeine and sugar is something to evade in your diet. Same goes for alchohol, a major no-no if you have anxiety issues. I know that lack of B-vitamins (which are important for nervous system heath) can cause anxiety tendencies or make them worse, so can a lack of Vitamin C which is really important actually. Fish Oil is something can help with anxiety, since Omega-3's are essential in our diet, you might also want to try St. John's Wort too. I've heard Potassium deficiency might play a role.

Do you exercise? That is another big part of stopping anxiety and keeping it at bay, exercise causes the release of endorphins and serotonin in our brains which are anti-anxiety chemicals.

Besides that, to help aid with relaxing if you have difficulty, you can drink chamomile tea, or take Valerian Root (just make sure you are not alergic) which tends to calm people down, just be warned that Valerian smells horrible.

Best of luck with getting over your anxiety, it gets better in time.
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Great suggestions, thanks for sharing!

Just wanted to clarify something for you...

"Anything that is anxiolytic as you may know about probably already like caffeine and sugar is something to evade in your diet"

Your use of the term "anxiolytic" is actually opposite of its meaning.  An anxioltyic refers to something that reduces or eliminates anxiety.  Often, meds like Xanax and Ativan are referred to a anxiolytics.  

I've seen that term used incorrectly before, it's no biggie...just wanted to clarify that for you!

Again...thanks for the useful info for the OP!  Some great things to do to address anxiety, and like you said, the key is persistence...gotta keep up with this stuff!
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Ah! Okay now, so anxiolytic is anti-anxiety. Got it, thanks for the point-out.
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Thanks for that, yeah I am taking St Johns sort at the moment it does help to lift my mood slightly I think. I haven't been excersising but I might start again to help, and I take multi vitimins daily and vitimin c but my diet could probably be better!

I'll make sure I don't miss anything when I next see my doctor, I just want to start getting better as soon as I can, thank you for all the advice its been so helpful,
, I'm really glad I found this site

Thanks again, kirty
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My pleasure, I hope you do feel much better soon. ;-)
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