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bleeding sputum

from last 2 years ,in every summer season i have been bleeding(along with sputum) from my nose.there is no feeling of pain but there is blood in sputum every time i blow those sputum out of my nose.
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It's caused by dryness and allergies, most likely.  I have had the same thing off and on most of my life.  Whatever you do, don't let someone talk you into putting petroleum products in there for lubrication -- they block the pores and make it worse.  You might try some unpetroleum jelly (sold in health food stores) or some aloe gel, just a little on a Q-tip, and see if it helps.
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Try some saline drops to ease the dryness.  They're harmless and sold over the counter with cold remedies.
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Paxil is absolutely correct about the use of petroleum products.....as he said, they will do nothing except make the problem worse.
Personally I would recommend the use of a Neti Pot. It uses a very mild saline solution and irrigates not only your nose, but your sinuses as well.
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recently i was undergone  CT scan and found that i was suffering from juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma in my left nose(posterior nasal cavity,the mass extended from formen of sphenoid to pterigopalatine fossa and nasopharynx).one month ago i was operated by the ENT HOD of our medical college by lateral anatomy ,but i still fear that it may be recurrent .there is a thick scar mark after the operation extending from the left corner of my left eye to bottom of my left nostril and thats why i want to have nosesurgery(plasticsurgery),will it be succesfull?
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