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buspar for immediate relief

my doctor just prescribed me to buspar.  He says that it will work if I am having a panic attack...as in immediately (20 mins or so) He just prescribed it to me today and I dont believe this.  I had been on xanax and adivan (spelling??) before and he says this is the same concept but the buspar isn't addictive.  The reason I ask is because all the research that I have done appears to show that buspar takes 4-6 weeks of taking it everyday to work.  This would make sense since he gave me a prescription for 60 10mg pills with 2 refills.  I figure if he gave it to me to take only when I feel a panic attack coming on that 20-30 would have been fine for a month, probably two.  Has anyone ever taken buspar as an immediate relief to panic attacks and not taken it every day?  This is my major concern...I dont want to be on a pill that I have to take everyday for years to come, I just need something to get me by when I am having an attack.  Please tell me your opinions on this matter and any experiences you may have had with buspar!
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Ive heard it can work like that for some people, but yeah it does say that it needs to build up, and all of that, Its funny I was just about to ask my DR for Buspar because Id rather have to take a non narcotic everyday, then my klonopin, lol
not bad mouthing them, what it is is what it is:)
theres a good video on buspar on youtube, its pretty informative, just search it, it should be one of the first Vid's
Yes. your DRs right though for wanting to get you on something other then Xanax or Ativan. Both are short acting Benzodiapines which have a greater potential for tollerance and withdraw issues. Because of the short half life, so Id def. give it a try.
Also checkout "drofmindsmd" he has a good video on Buspar too, sounds like your Doc didnt give you a high enough dose from what Ive heard and read about dosing...but again Im no DR..lol
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I tried Buspar and it didn't work at all.
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they say buspar is another name for placebo
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HAHAhaa @ the placebo

I've talked to a few people and they say it works.
I guess it works less, or harder to notice the effects with people who have taken Benzos before
Because of the effectiveness of the benzos
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The medical literature emphatically states that BuSpar works most effectively in treating panic/anxiety disorder when taken in conjunction with an antidepressant.
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My doctor told me it isn't that strong
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I heard that 99% of the time its under dosed for some reason, I guess it usually takes like 60mgs a day, for therapeutic effects to happen.
Im still gonna give it a try, why not? Ive already done broke my honor of not taking narcotics and stuff, so hey It might work, might as well try..what can it hurt
They can put it in my napsack of all the other stuff thats prescribed, lol
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I have taken Busbar and it didnt help at all. Xanax and ativan helped but not Busbar it gave me like these electric shock types of feeling it was weird... but thats just me it works different for different people
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I suffered with GAD and Panic Attacks for many years. Tried all the meds, no help. Problem was in my mind and my way of thinking. I moved out of state and found a new doctor. Told her about the Panic attacks and she recommended a good hypnotherapist. Within a matter of two months, they were gone. That was over 13 years ago and I haven't had one sense. I learned tricks to control them without controlling them to the point of anxiety. Number one, when you are calm and relaxed and in a safe place, try to bring one on. Rarely can it happen. If you are out and one comes on, go with it, tell it to, "Come On, give me your best shot", stand up to it. It is like a swimming pool. If you gradually stick your feet in the water it seems cold and takes your breath away and causes more fear. If you just jump in and get it over with, you can enjoy the water. It is all  a part of our built in,"Fight or Flight" reaction to fear. Fear produces more fear, and more fear produces panic. It is not reality at all, it is just an abnormal response to a normal situation. You have to get your thinking on, and get it on good. I am living proof that it can be done. I would've sworn there was no help or no anwsers, but there is. I was terrified of life, of people, of my job (I quit because of the attacks) and thought death was the only way out of this miserable existence. I was soooo wrong. I am telling all of you, "YOU CAN DO IT, JUST LIKE I DID." You just have to regain control of your mind. It is yours, get it back...Buspar did not work for me. Xanax did somewhat, but I had to keep taking more and more. Then I was hooked. Had to be put in hospital to get off of it.
Klonipin worked somewhat at times also. But all these drugs have long term side effects.
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Busbar didn't work for me either, all I got was a headache and dizziness, I heard 2 stories one doctor said you can take it only when needed,  another told me you had to take it for a couple weeks to get in your system,  I don't know what the truth is, I guess I should have asked the pharmacist but since I didn't like how it  made me feel I didn't care.  I think doctors like to sell you the more expensive drugs.
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Manufacture says it takes up to 2 weeks, kinda like a SSRI, because it does change around some Dopamine's and serotonin.
I think the people that take it "as needed" and it actually works like that for them are probably experiencing the placebo effect.
Its funny Antibiotics, and antifungals do the same to me for some reason, lol
If I wasnt afraid that my germs in my body were going to become super germs, Id just take both the Antibiotic, and antifungal to relieve stress, I dont question the placebo effect, whatever works..works, lol
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Hello, this is rotten1 again.  I just wanted to update you guys with what is going on.  I have been taking that buspar whenever I feel a panic attack coming on and it is definitely either to low of a dose or it just doesnt work that way.  The more and more I look up info online the more I think my doctor is a jack *** for prescribing it to me for immediate relief. I really want to thank everyone for their imput!
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Hi Ohnoma. I read your comment and I am curious about hipnosis. I was thinking to try it for my anxiety. Can you tell me more about it, how many sessions did you take? You can send me a private messege if you want to. Just like you I took buspar, klonopin and I am actually taking lorazepam with no luck, it just makes me feel relaxed for a while until my next dose. Help me please, I would appreciate it.
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