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can anxiety cause facial/muscle twitching?

Hi all,
I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. I'm waiting on a doctors appointment on the 27th and have been pretty scared.

The last three weeks I developed twitching on the left side of my bottom lip and twitches on both sides of my legs in different spots. It seems to be steady if anything getting worse, sometimes even triggered by me moving my lips a certain way. I cut out coffee and most caffeine and it still has not gotten better.

I am constantly thinking about it which I'm sure doesn't help. I'm a 23 year old female with a history of anxiety and depression. I am not on any meds at all at the moment and never have taken any for that. I also am in remission from cancer hodgekins lymphoma (6 years now) which is why I have such bad health anxiety. I found a lump on my neck and googled it and saw cancer online and thats what it ended up being!!! everyones worse nightmare lol, but I am ok now. so needless to say i google symptoms a lot and now i'm so freaked out again.

Could my twitches be from anxiety/stress? Or a certain neuro disease?? any help would be appreciated
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Well, you "lucked" out on that Google search, but usually when you Google symptoms you can't learn anything useful because the same symptoms can be signs of a hundred things or nothing at all, so you just end up being more anxious.  It's okay to Google once you get a diagnosis and a treatment plan to make sure your docs aren't leading you down a wrong road, but just Googling symptoms can be an anxiety trap.  Don't really know what's going on with you, twitching can be a side effect of medication, it can be an indication of nutritional deficiencies such as magnesium, it can be pinched nerves, it can be nothing at all.  Can it be from anxiety or stress?  Yes.  But anxiety sufferers get all the same problems everyone else gets, so you still need to see the doc if it's something truly bothersome and out of the ordinary.  Are you in therapy to deal with the anxiety you got from a truly stressful thing that happened to you?  And before you go to the doc, evaluate how bad your anxiety is affecting your life -- docs are prone to giving medication for everything, but they won't cure your anxiety, they will tamp down the symptoms if they work, but if you want to fix it, therapy is one way that might happen, especially given you know where your anxiety originated from -- most of us don't have a clue.  
Moving your lips aren't going to create twitches. I don't think you can move them without moving your lower jaw which might feel like a twitch to you. So you are probably over-examining your body in fear and thinking there is a twitch.
well theres definitely a twitch, i physically feel it, i’m just not sure what is causing it exactly. it happens when i dont move my lips as well
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I think it probably can, because I know I twitch like crazy when I get anxious about something (usually my neck twitches for me),  but like the other people said it could be something else.
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