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can fight or flight be dangerous?

I suffered severe anxiety which is now cooling off. I mainly had my worst attacks during or shortly after exercise. I noticed the pattern and now know its the exercise causing them. ive had all my heart tests done etc and nothing was found. I was told to carry on and ignore certain stress related symptoms.

what I want to find out is if fight or flight DURING exercise only, is dangerous? it speeds your heart up even higher, brings your pressure up higher, makes you breathe quicker ONTOP of the session your performing.
Could this be dangerous?
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You know, it doesn't necessarily do anything like that -- the fact you feel anxious doesn't mean your body is acting like it.  I never have -- I have BP on the lower side and no discernible change in breathing even during an anxiety attack.  
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I've found that sometimes I may have anxiety have a big workout but that was typically because I over did it and that I may have been slightly dehydrated on a few occasions.
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