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can i take 100mg of Vistaril and 2mg of klonopin together

I suffer from severe panic attacks and I wanted to know if I can take Vistaril and Klonopin at the same time.
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Obviously a question for your psychiatrist.  A quick Google search shows no adverse interactions found yet, but part of the whole purpose of taking vistaril is to avoid taking addictive benzos.  Both are sedating, so you might find yourself too tired to do anything -- that can happen with vistaril by itself.  There are drugs listed to be careful about because of potential heart problems, and it says vistaril is only a short-term remedy as no long-term data is available, but the truth is, no matter what problems might exist doctors can do whatever they want pretty much once drugs have FDA approval for anything.  Sometimes when nothing else works they will try things they normally wouldn't.  Know that antidepressants work all the time while these drugs are temporary -- vistaril works mostly by sedating you while benzos are more directly anti-anxiety, but if you need meds you use the ones that are the safest and that work for you.  But there is some warning about combining vistaril with antidepressants.  At any rate, you can learn what I did, and I was just curious, by Googling any drugs you want to take, but in the end your psychiatrist needs to be consulted.
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And also, know that no drug works forever for most people, many such as klonopin can be devilishly hard to stop taking but all are hard to stop, and that drugs only work on symptoms, not causes.  So keep looking for a therapist who can help you fix the problem if that is possible if you ever want to stop taking meds.  Best of luck.

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