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can severe anxiety cause these real physical symptoms?

I have been drained by HIV phobia and constantly having heart palpitations, chest pain, muscle ache, constant fatigue, Irritable bowel symptoms, even my armpit is pain sometimes. I also have loss of appetite... less sex drive.
I know that many websites state these are all anxiety/ depression symptoms. but do you really experience them?
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You've pretty much already asked this question when you asked about the immune system, and the answer is the same:  different people experience anxiety differently.  So yes, anxiety if bad enough could cause these things, and it could also not be the cause.  It could be causing some of it and not all of it.  Only seeing a doctor for a thorough exam can tell you if something is going on physiologically.  It's when they don't find anything that they then attribute it to anxiety, and then they are not always right about that.  You seem to believe this is about your HIV phobia so what are you doing to deal with the phobia?  
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