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can't tell what's wrong!

As I have indicated previously I am weaning off Paxil and on to Cymbalta.
I decided to try to switch because I had been feeling really tired, exhausted and irritable, and wondered if Paxil was the reason.
IT had been going fine, but dr suggested checking thyroid, and it was high. Now I'm having lots of symptoms including constant high heart rate (even when calm), exhaustion, anxiety etc. I don't know if it's due to the thyroid issue or the Paxil withdrawal. I don't want to go back to dr yet again if it's just old Anxiety rearing it's head, but maybe the reasons I felt I needed to switch from Paxil were actual due to thyroid.

I haven't felt this anxious for years and years!!
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Sorry to add to the confusion, but if you do have a thyroid problem it could cause everything that suggests an anxiety problem.  You are right about that.  Did he test just Tsh,. or T3 and T4?  Did he suggest you come in for another blood test to see if it confirms the high thyroid and tests the complete thyroid, which docs don't usually do unless asked.  Did he suggest you see an endocrinologist?  It's not unusual for thyroid levels to fluctuate, and the normal test for it, Tsh, really is more of a test for the connection between the thyroid and the adrenal glands than a pure test of your thyroid hormone levels.  Also, as i noted, Cymbalta if you've started on it while weaning off Paxil is an intentionally stimulating antidepressant that could stimulate your adrenals.  I don't know what's going on, and you're in the middle of a lot, but if your thyroid isn't performing as it should, yes, that could cause all the things we associate with anxiety.  Some people who have been diagnosed with anxiety actually have a thyroid problem.  
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