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Has anyone had experience with Celexa. My doctor wants to put me on it and I'd like some information before doing so. I take xanax at present but I've been using it too long and it no longer works. Apparently my doctor feels that my sleep might benefit from using Celexa. Most of all I'd like to know from anyone that's used it if it was hard coming off this SSRI
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I've been on and off (back on now) Lexapro for the past two years. Lexapro and Celexa are essentially the same drug. The company that produces both basically made a small (and insignificant) change to Celexa to create Lexapro so that they could hold on to their patent for a few mores years (there is no generic Lexapro currently). The Lexapro definitely helped a lot with my anxiety, panic, and depression. It basically took my anxiety down a few notches so that I only took a xanax if I really needed it (which was not often). Like you, I reached a point where the xanax was not doing its thing for me anymore. But after a few weeks on the Lexapro, the xanax was effective again (and I really didn't need it much). Coming off of Lexapro was not bad at all. I was on 10mg (which is the equivalent of 20mg of Celexa), and just went down to 5mg a day for a week, then stopped. No problems at all. But everyone is different, and you might have to taper off slower than I did. Don't worry too much about coming off of the meds. It can be done slowly - and at your own pace. Also, the side-effects from Lexapro / Celexa tend to be milder than the older SSRIs (like Prozac). I had some edginess, dull headache, and some stomach aches for the first few days (but they were gone in a week or so). It takes a few weeks for the medication to kick in - typically 2 - 4 weeks. However, the full effect might take up to 12 weeks to be felt. The first few days you might feel more anxious - but the xanax should help you get through this. Just keep in contact with your dr. the first week or so if you are concerned about any side-effects that pop up. They should be relatively mild, and they will go away.

Hope this helps..
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I was on it. I can say it brought me back to life. I felt good but had sexual side effects so I quit and tried many others. Sexual side effects never went away so i might go back to celexa again.

My mother takes it works fine for her and my ex sister-inlaw took it and it healed her anxiety.

However it didn't work for my brother. So from the people I know it is 3v1 in favor. But online I read many good and bad stories about it.
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