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chest pain

Just little old me again !  As of a couple of hours ago, when im lying on my side i keep getting a sharp shooting pain up my left hand side near my heart, but not when i lie on my back.  I do have a driving test tomorrow but doesn't seem like it could cause this through stress/worry?  Had a ct scan of the head 2 weeks back and haven't had word either, no news is good news?  Maybe im just going over the top i dont know :(  If its not one thing its another.
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Of course I'm not a doctor, but the first thing I learned is  that heart attacks hurt no matter how you lie and doesn't change no matter what you do.  I'm sorry you feel bad tonight. It's a horrible feeling. I'm here with you. And good luck on your test.  I'm sure you'll do great!!!
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hay im curious hows ur anxiety  going ? :)
i dislocated my shoulder 21 days ago and something happaned to my head :S
i woke up with this numbness and dizzyness...
the dizzyness is gone but im abit scared
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