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chronic anxiety and depression

hello i am 34 years old and suffer from generalized anxiety disorder. My problem started in 2005 with really bad panic attacks and got help for those *effexor xr and xanax* it started getting better and havent had a panic attack since 2005 but suffer from generalized anxiety disorder. it is getting progressively worse to the point that it is affecting my everyday life and my performance at my job. I am worried to death that i am not gonna be able to work anymore and that means me and my husband and children will lose everything we have worked so hard to get......i am freakin out about this My anxiety just pops up abruptly and causes me to not think clearly, get nervous, head starts to feel funny, heart palpitations, loss of appetite, nausea, etc. I have no idea what to do please if there is any advice you can offer me i am all ears please help if possible. i am on 50 milligrams of pristiq now and take .5 xanax once to sometimes twice a day. i dont want to be on a lot of medicine i hate being on the stuff i am on because i believe there are other better ways to combat this horrible disease i just dont know how!! Thanks in advance
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Hi.  You may want to talk to your doctor about getting a longer acting anxiety medication.  Xanax is short acting and is usually prescribed on an "as needed" basis, there are others that last longer and can control your anxiety 24/7.  Your prescribing doctor needs to know how you are feeling so he can adjust your medication accordingly, you don't need to feel this way.  You may want to think about therapy as well to learn if there is a root cause for your anxiety.  If there is, you will learn what that is, deal with it and ease your anxiety.  I hope this helps and take care!
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Thanks so much for responding what anxiety med are you talking about? i take pristiq 50 milligrams and xanax as needed but if there is something better please tell me!! maybe i can suggest it!!thanks
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I take Klonopin, but there are many.  Just ask your doctor for one that is longer lasting so you don't have to wait until you are getting anxious to take something like the Xanax.
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I have been on alot of antidepressants, and I to have severe gad, I find clonazepam is the only thing that has worked for me, and no tolerance after 12 yrs. xanax I became addicted to, but clonazepam takes longer to work, but stays in your system longer i believe.
I love to hate my meds as well, but sometimes you have to accept that you may need them, just like a diabetic needs insulin.
As far as therapy goes, I personally found mindfulness therapy very effective, just for everyday life, and it is used for all types of mental illness as well as chronic pain and general everyday stress.
hope this helps;0
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Did you try the ssris?  Snris are stimulating, which may account for the fact you got GAD while on Effexor.  Usually for anxiety as a primary problem the psychiatrists I've seen don't use snris because of the stimulating factor.  Everyone's different, but you didn't mention trying ssris.  Personally, I never had GAD until I went off Paxil, so I have experience with a medication causing this problem, which is why I suggest the possibility.  Could also have nothing whatsoever to do with it.  Good luck.
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To save myself time from typing, I would like to know if you can message me. Some people post on here then don't come back. I have some tips and techniques that could very well help.
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hello thank u for ur response i am very interested in your techniques i will message u
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I am going to delete this off my watch list, so if you still would like to talk, please message me.
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