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citalopram or celexa does it cause weight gain??

Is anyone on this one? My daughter was just prescribed this and is very afaid of gaining weight does this one cause weight gain and what are some of the side effects anyone is experiencing?
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All ssris can cause weight gain.  Whether it does or how much it does depends on the person.  I did gain some on Lexapro, more on Celexa, but nothing like Paxil.  But others have the opposite result, so no way of predicting.
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thank you so much i am hoping she dont gain any weight cuz she will go off it then she is not depresssed just has alot of anxiety being a single mom with no child support.
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I've taken it for 2 years with no weight gain.  But we all react differently to these medications, and only time will tell if this side effect will be one she encounters.
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I gained over 60 pounds in one year and 4 months while on Celexa.  No matter how little I ate nor how much I exercised-the weight kept packing on.  I never had a hard time maintaining my weight before the Celexa.  I am now overweight and even though I have weened myself off of the drug the pounds are still difficult to lose.  This drug ruined my physicality.  I was fit and active in a healthy, strong body before I started.  In just a year and 4 months it made me deteriorate into a fat muscle-less wad.  The weight gain makes me more miserable than the depression it was supposed to treat.  

I am 6'1'' tall and female.  I was 150lbs when I started.  I was well over 212lbs when I stopped.  I was on 20mg a day of Celexa.  I used to be a ballet dancer.  I am too ashamed of my weight to go back to class.  in 3 months after I stopped taking Celexa I have only lost 4 lbs in spite of great effort.  It is a nightmare.  I wish I could sue the company for taking my body away from me.  
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hello i too have been on celexa for 4 years and at first i didnt gasin but the longer i take it the more i gain... i was down to 16.00 and now im at 182..do you know how to wean myself off of celexa if so id like to know... thanks maggie
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