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clear blister in mouth

For the past six months I've been tested for all kinds of std multiple times. I tested negative for herpes 1 and 2 with herpes select 5 times.
My problem is I keep getting these blisters, either on the inside of my lip or recently in the back of my mouth between my upper and lower teeth. They are clear have no pain and disappear within a day or two. I can easily pop them and their is no pain at all. I can't show a doctor because they don't last long enough.
I have been under a considerable amount of stress believing something was wrong with me. I think these blisters might be caused by stress but when they come back it causes more stress.
Has anyone else had blisters like this?
How can I control my anxiety to stop this cycle?  
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I get a clear blister every now and then also, but not like you...I think it can be caused by anxiety.  Since anxiety causes many stomach disturbances (with acids and things like that) your saliva may be off and therefore causing this...I am not a doctor, and have no idea if I am explaining it right, but I hope you understand what I am trying to say...hang in there.  I am sure that it is nothing.
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I really think it's related to stress; physically, it's viral, I believe, but is being caused by the stress and anxiety.

Hope this info helps.  Best..........
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My young daughter gets these in her mouth from time to time.  I think they are called mucocele and they are harmless.  You can google them and look at pictures of them online to see if that is maybe what you have.  Good luck.    
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