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cloipramine tablets!!!

i need some help.Im taking clomipramine fro a few weeks now and i had really bad stress in work.im missing my period now for over 3weeks :( can this tablets stop a period? please anyone can answer fro me!!! :) many thanks
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Hi eva. Welcome to the forum.
Delayed/missed menstural periods are not listed as one of the side effects of clonipramine. But stress CAN interfer with your cycles. I suggest you speak with the prescribing doctor about your periods as anything unusual when starting a new medication should be reported to your doctor.
In my humble and non-medical opinion, I think when the clonipramine reaches therapeutic levels and you begin to feel better, your periods will return to normal. But you still need to bring this to your doctors attention.
(Enjoy the "vacation," it will probably be over soon!)
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I forgot to ask if there is any chance you may be pregnant?

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thank you very much for replay.
I had done a pregnancy test and is negative :( ,also i have book appointment to see my doctor

Eva :)
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