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clonazepam and long term use

I have been on clonazepam for years and wanted to know if this was safe?  I take .5 mg as needed for anxiety.  I probably take 3 tablets on average a week but have taken one a day during high stress times.  I don't feel addicted but I do rely on them frequently.  I believe I have generalized anxiety disorder with panic attacks in the past.  
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it should be safe if u are under the care of a doctor. thats generic for klonipin right? if so i am on the same thing and have been for years, but every 6 months or so i have to get my blood taken to check liver and kidneys,
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Yes I am under my doc's care but she dosen't check my blood every 6 months...so thats good to know about.  I will be going in for follow up in december so I'll ask her then.  I hope my liver and kidneys are fine!  Any way, after reading some of these posts on withdrawls from other meds it kind of scared me.  I haven't had any problems with the klonopin it works very well for me and I just feel back to "normal" when I get too anxious and can't calm down.  
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