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hi i suffer from sever panick attacks as i have asthma i am unable to take the proper medication (beta blockers) my doctor has me on anxiety tablets (oxazepam 15mg) he has given me clonazepam 0.5mg for only when i am in a pannick attack unfortunatly i am still taking pannick attacks this time he has given me clonazepam 2mg i did not notice till i had already collected them could u tell me what is the difference of them both.
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those meds are the same thing anti-anxiety pills ok :)
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hi thanks for replying i am concernd about the 2 different doses clonazepam the 0.5mg then changed to the 2mg dose that just mean a stronger dosage.
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my pdoc just switched me from lorazepam to clonazepam because he told me lorazepam is short acting and the clonazepam is long acting. So it covers more of the day until the next pill.
0.5 is a very low dose.
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And 2mg is a very high dose.  Clonazepam doesn't work very quickly, so it's usually not used on an as-needed basis.  It's usually prescribed for chronic anxiety sufferers twice daily every day, which leaves us addicted to it but there it is.  It's very hard to stop taking if you take it regularly.  The most common dose is 1mg twice a day.  But if you want something as-needed, not regularly, then other benzos work more quickly and are more appropriate.  On the other hand, benzos might not be you're best bet.  If you can solve this through therapy and relaxation techniques or natural means, that's best, but if you can't, you might want to thing about ssris or tricyclics -- they're no picnic either, but when they work they work all the time.  By the way, beta blockers are generally only used for social anxiety or when heart palps cause the anxiety, so they're not necessarily right for you either.  I don't think you have a psychiatrist who has all the tools in the kit safely stored in his or her head, which is commonly the case -- it's very hard to find a good one, and you don't mention if you've tried non-medication means first.
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