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i get head and ear pains daily, tightness of the head and throat/neck and pins and needles like sensations in my left hand........what could this be?

any information would be great, thanks!
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i also had the same problem with me..nearly 3 months ago...

although it was becoz of hiv anxiety  but it is also a type of anxiety......

at that time i felt like ...an earthquake is coming on..

sometime i felt like a current is moving in my toe....

i asked my family problem to my family doctor....i didnt not tell him about hiv anxiety as i feellls shame in teling to family doctore.....but i told him about these symtoms as i had writeenn above  
and he advised me not to pay attention to unnecesary thingd and also dont think unnecesary....life is very short fragrence and live it at its best....and dont think about    can this happen???????.......what if??????????

hope it helps,,it helped me althouh i had some other problem
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hey budy are u from india????????

just asking frankly...iam from india...
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i am a female from the UK, thanks for replying it has helped!
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also what is hiv anxiety if you dont mind me asking?
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it is also a type of anxiety.......

it deals with the disease hiv-aids.

the person who has it always keeps on thinking about it and what will happen if he gat it ,......he kkeps on thinking that he can also get it by his sexual relations with peoples in his life...even if he had safe sex...........

some people had this anxiety also becoz..there is no cure for aids...and this makes them scared and prone to hiv anxiety
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oh really, i didnt know were different types of anxiety! do you know what causes anxiety and what can help?
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as i had been told by my elders and other experts on this site....

1)  always think the positive side of everything rather than concentrating on negatives.

2) never keep unwanted and disturning thoughts in ur head.,,,,,if they r really annoying u share them with ur frnds and family or psychiatrist.....it will fell good and they will dissappear as theyapppeared naturally.

3) do not ask questions to urself like what if? can this happen?..........they will always get u depressed not even u but every human in this world....so dont raise such questions.

4) as said by great MAHATMA GANDHI - " if u can conquer ur fears then u can achieve anything in this god damn world"

hope they helped u as they had helped me.....
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