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constant anxiety, please help

im 16, ive known about anxiety and panic attacks because my mother experienced them freugently when i was in middle school but i never really understood it until my freshman year when i dealt with minor depression and anxiety involving friends and particuraly a girlfriend it was nothing major, then i moved to another state and i absolutely hate it but i had no anxiety at first. then last october i tried smoking marijuana for the first time, even though where i had lived previously i had never smoked ciggaretes, weed, or drank alcohol, but many of my friends did, but i always resisted doing it because it never interested me. so i started smoking it once or twice every few days with friends, until one time after smoking i experienced a major panic attack ( but at the time i didnt know what it was), my heart racing, losing control of my body, trouble breathing, vomiting, and it was honestly the scariest experience i had ever had. i went home and went to sleep and the next day i was fine, i thought it was just a bad trip, i had smoked too much of too stong a weed, so the next week i smoked again and the panic attack happened again. but once again the next day was fine, but it had scared me so bad i decided to quit smoking it. and so i did, and one day in the middle of december i went to a friends house for a party, as i was there my friends were smoking marijuana heavily but i didnt think anything of it, because I wasnt smoking, so i thought id be okay, but the small room ended up filling with smoke, and i was idiot for not thinking that being there in the smoke was gonna get me high. and then it happened the worst panic attack i had experienced, i had my friend rush me home in his car. this time the next day i wasnt fine. after telling my mom what i did and what had happened, she explained that it was a panic attack, now knowing what it was i felt better but my anxiety has raged on constantly since then, i have gotten somewhat better now that i understand anxiety and panic attacks much much better, and i have my mom to thank as my biggest help through this. but now im so scared of marijuana that i wont hardly leave the house to hang out with anyone because im so scared that someone will be smoking pot, and those extreme panic attacks will happen again. it is my biggest fear, i am terrified of marijuana, so much that it has ruined my social life, and i only smoked from october to december of 2010. my anxiety and panic attacks have also branched off from just being scared of marijuana, im scared to be around people and hang out with friends,i have been scared of death, and scared of the thought, how am i going to live with this the rest of my life? i have constant fears of so many things. i haveimproved a good deal since this began in december but im still so scared. i dont know what to do. has anyone else experienced something like this? does anyone know what i can do?
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It's time for you and your mom to discus your getting professional help.
You should make an appointment with your family doctor and get a good physical and blood test work up.   Discus with the doctor the problem you are having with panic attacks and anxiety.  They may flare up when you get high but that is usually always the case.  There is amost always something that preceeds a panic attack, a certain situation, a stressful event, or stressful period of time.  But they can and do happen without reason.
They are happening for a reason and you need to seek help dealing with them.  Avoiding the circumstances that bring them on is never the answer to solving the problem.
I wish someone told me this when I was your age.  The best thing you can do for yourself is to see your doctor and also ask for a referral to a psychiatrist.  They are the best equipped to deal with anxiety disorder and get you the best treatment quickly.  You'lll be glad you did.  Let us know how you make out.  Take care.
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Welcome to the forum!  You are at an advantage here, in that your Mom knows what you're going through and probably knows what kind of help you need.  If you haven't already, you need to be evaluated by your doctor to rule out any medical cause, and then ask for a referral for a CHILD/ADOLESCENT. psychiatrist.  That is important, because at your young age, close consideration must be made if medications are going to be tried.

You are fearing the weed because that is what you now relate to your panic attack.  It's called "fearing the fear" and it doesn't usually matter what the circumstance, you will begin to relate a place, person, time, event...to panic.  Just like a person who has their first attack in a gorcery store...they begin to fear, then avoid that store b/c they equate being in the store to panic.  That's why you have such a fear of the marijuana (which, in a way is a GOOD thing, but your fear is causing you to exhibit avoidance behavior which isn't.)  It's important so you know that pot didn't CAUSE your panic, it triggered it, big difference.  With your Mom being a sufferer, you were most likely predisposed to it, and the big move acted as a trigger...then add to that the pot, and bingo!  Panic disorder, like other anxiety disorders causes a cycle of anxious thinking/worrying, which induces more anxiety/panic...which leads to more worry...and so on and on and on and on.  You see?  Most people need professional help to learn how to break and undo that cycle of anxious thinking.

You are experiencing a high level of anxiety and panic and are starting to show signs of agoraphobia (common with panic disorder), which means this is interrupting normal daily life for you.  You are also getting depressed, which is often a secondary diagnosis among people with anxiety.  The agoraphobia (avoidance behavior, staying home) and depression can only get worse if the underlying anxiety isn't addressed.  That all means that it is time to seek professional help and see what treatment options are best for you.  It's wonderful that your Mom has been so supportive and able to help you through this, but the help you'll get from a professional is invaluable as well.  My guess is both a doctor/therapist and your Mom can help guide you through this and teach you how to cope.  You'll be able to use those tools during your lifetime, any time you have trouble with panic or anxiety.

Take that first step and tell your Mom you want to address this head on with your doctor and a Child/Adolescent psychiatrist.

Very best of luck to you.....we're always here and we know what you're going through.  There WILL be brighter days ahead, just be patient and take the necessary steps.  You are not alone.  Please update us when you can, we care.
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