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couple questions

#1, has anyone taken cimbalta? does it treat panic disorder?? Im seeing a pyschriatrist in a couple weeks and gonna ask her what she thinks, anyone here taken it?

#2, i been taking lorazepham .5 mg's cause i cant sleep well, well now its starting to wear off, what do u use if u have trouble sleeping? Should i ask my G.P about ambien? I dont wanna go near xanax, i hear its too addicting!  I just want to sleep well!!!
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I use melatonin and a homeopathic remedy called Calm's Forte for sleep.  I'd try something like that before I'd resort to medication.  As for Cymbalta, haven't done that one and wouldn't, it's bad enough going through what drugs that only target serotonin do let alone one that targets two neurotransmitters.  If you don't suffer from depression, I'd think that's the wrong med anyway. But I'm sure there are many on this site who have liked it; that's baseball.
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