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ct scan

just had a ct scan today, and was wondering how long the results would be?  if there was anything majorly wrong would they have said anything there and then?
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Ya they would call you ASAP if it was something major wrong. If nothing wrong they will call you within a week.
Can I ask you why you had a CATSCAN done?
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reassurance for myself recommended by my neurologist pretty much.  headaches/dizziness/tingling/ u know how people with anxiety are :P  they checked my scan there and then so i was just wondering if they would have informed me of a major problem if it was there, which i assume they would have.
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When I had an MRI done the doctor called me two days after to tell me the results. You can simply call your doctor and ask him/her to call you with the results as soon as they are read, even if they do not find anything.
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ok thanks for the info! still worry time then lol
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I had a CT last week and they told me that most radiologists look at thre results the same day and contact the doctors within 48 hours (if there is no problems-sooner if there is).  It is the doctors office that may take a while to get back to you.  
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i appreciate everyones input, fingers crossed :)
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hay im curious hows ur anxiety  going ? :)
i dislocated my shoulder 21 days ago and something happaned to my head :S
i woke up with this numbness and dizzyness...
the dizzyness is gone but im abit scared
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