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Ok so i have been taking this pill for 4 days now.. i stopped taking it today after 2 trips to the ER.. has anyone had vomiting and upset stomach and headaches from cymbalata? if so please tell me I wake up in the morning and i feel like **** as soon as i have been waking up and get sick it is horrible... let me know ur experinces please
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I've been on Cymbalta since April and I have not had anything like that.

What dose are you on? Did you wean yourself onto it or just start taking the full prescribed doseage? My prescribing doctor said I should take a 60mg capsule, open it, and put it in one cup of APPLE JUICE (it HAS to be apple juice because of the acidity consistency level) and then drink half of it (so you get about 30mg's) and then dump the rest. This worked really well for me as I was not overcome with any symptoms when starting it.

What has your doctor suggested other than "stick through it"?
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