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Anyone using cymbalta ro have any info please pass onto me. Doctor putting me on it as cipralex not working with buspar. So will be on cymbalta with buspar...thanks
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I was on Cymbalta along with Propanolol, Blood pressure medication, and Clonazepam.  I had excellent results.
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excellent thanks for the info
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it depends on how ur body reacts to it.  i have been on cymbalta for about two years.  for me it has been a miracle and curse all in one.  it worked, very well in fact, was the first medicine to work for me for depression and anxiety.  however it became extremely addicting for me.  if i just miss a couple days my depression and anxiety attacks come back full throttle along with other withdrawl symptoms such as intense migraine, nausea, hot flashes/chills, etc. worst feeling ever. i have decided to start weening off this medication, but i can only go down small steps.
i am a small girl tho.  i was on 60-90mg. i am only 5'3" and 115lbs. and 24 yrs old.  very fast metabolism.  i have heard people who have had the same problems as me and some who have not.  
use at ur own risk
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I took Cymbalta and it did help my depression but not my anxiety. I had to add an anti anxiety med to it. I would recommend starting off at 20 mgs. What dose did your Dr prescribe for you? Remar
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