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dental work anxiety

My dentist wants me to take 10 mg valium for pulling several teeth tomorrow. I've used Valium and 10 mg seems like too much. I don't want to be out. And Valium last several hours.  I think I could do it without anything if I had to.
I would rather  have the shorter acting Xanax. How much Xanax do I need for this. I have the.25 pills. And I have 5 mg valium pills.
I know you can't say for sure because different people mite need different amounts, but just what ever you think about this. I don't plan on telling the dentist that I took xanax instead of valium.

The dental work itself is not the reason I mite need something. It's not being able to move and the closeness of him to me that causes me to have a claustrophobic effect.
The work is tomorrow at 2 pm eastern U.S. time.

Thanks folks
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If you think it's to much i wouldn't do it! The other day my brother was prescribed amoxicillin and his doctor told him to take 5mL then a couple days later we took my sister to different doctor and that doctor prescribed her 12mL. She is two years younger than my brother. My mom didn't think that was right so she just gave my sister 5mL. Good thing she did because the next day my sister had a rash around her mouth from an allergic reaction. If my mom would have given her 12mL then her throat could have swelled up and she could have died.

I would only take an amount that seems reasonable to you
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I suggest doing as the dentist advises or consulting with your physican/psychiatrist. There are many other factors
such as anesthesia and you want to make sure certain drugs don't meas with each other.
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Yeah, I wouldn't hide something like that from a dentist or doctor. Be honest with him about your fears, and how you want them addressed. The more he knows, the better he can take care of you.
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It appears the dentist is trying to knock you out.  Valium is usually administered for surgery before the anesthetic.  This is more anesthesia than just anti-anxiety.  If you're unsure ask the dentist and your general doc if it sounds right and remember, it's your choice ultimately.
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Thanks for your thoughts on this. App is at 2. I think I will take 5mg of Valium. I am sure I can handle it with that. And I have a driver.
And I will tell Doc and why. I don't want to be out.

Thanks folks
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How was your appointment, Charlesdee?
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