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depression anxiety and lexapro

i have been taking lexapro for a while now like 2 1/2 years.... i was started on 10mg a day then they uped it to 20mg i was taking that for a while and then that seemed to be to much for me... then i went down to 10mg and was on that for a while and had great experience but then i got sickl adn had a bad anxiety attack and then i started to get depressed again... so i uped my dosage back to 20 mg... again... but now i am very irratible in the morning and very tensed it help with depression... but i feel drugged up and my eyes are sensitive to movement and light.... ive only been on 20mg for two days... is it bc im not use to it yet with the higher dosage or what...im sick of these bad sighteffects.... please help
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Were you changing the dosage under the advice of your doctor?  When you keep changing the dosage you can create other problems for yourself, because your body no sooner gets used to one dosage and it gets decreased or increased to another. An antidepressant isn't the type of medication that you can take more or less of according to how you are feeling.  It's common to have to increase or decrease our dosage once or twice but not as often as you have.  I would call your doctor and ask him what you should do at this point, and go from there.  Then never adjust the dosage without the advice of your doctor, it just creates too many problems that you don't need.  I hope this helps.
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