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how do you know if your severely depressed or have serious anxiety? how can you tell when you need medication for it and no longer can go without getting any help?
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Well, if you're feeling very depressed and feeling very anxious.  As for medication, you should first try therapy and lifestyle changes if you're able.  Medication comes in if other means have failed and your life is unmanageable.  This is basically any form of medicine -- you do the least invasive first and if it doesn't work then you look into the more invasive.  Good luck.
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Anxiety and depression often go hand in hand.  Some of us have both.  I hope you go to see a doctor and describe your symptoms.  It should be a relief to talk about how you are feeling.  It is your choice whether you want to take medication.  You will know whether you can manage your symptoms without.  I have done both.  
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Further to Paxiled's comments, if you are on a budget, you can get library books on the subjects of lifestyle and therapy. Resolution is different for different people, so keep our eyes open for help.
One tough issue (amongst others) regarding anx and dep is you have to figure out for yourself if you are feeling better or worse, which is pretty hard to do sometimes - a prolonged dep can seem like that is all life has to offer, so can be difficult to self-measure.
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