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derealisation help- does it go away?

I posted a quesion a while ago basically explaining some of the symptoms that I felt and I didn't know what was wrong with me, recently I've realised that I have derealisation. I've had it probably for about just under a year now. I'm 16 and I've got my major exams coming up real soon and I'm worried that its going to mess up all my studies and it worries me. I had a really bad spell of anxiety a few months ago but I'm better at dealing with it now and the panic attacks don't affect me as much, but I still have dr/dp and it still affects me just as much. Its not as if its an on/off thing, I always have it and I never feel like I'm in the real world. I just want any advice from people that are going/gone through dp and come out the other side, and how you did this? Discovering that derealisation was a real thing actually did give me hope, I thought that my anxiety was making me go mad or something, but any help/cures that people found would literally save me.
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Have you spoke to anyone about the way you feel? Anxiety is a terrible thing, your bound to be anxious about exams coming up but try not to worry to much x
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I have derealisation myself and have read a lot about it. I recommend the following article which is very good and written by a few of the foremost experts in the world on the subejct. It's written for doctors so it's pretty complex and some parts are not possible (or necessary) to understand for the layman. However, I think it's the best information you will ever find on the subject.
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Here is the link:

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