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I have been forgetting many things, sometimes where my night seems foggy. I will go to sleep in my room and wake up in the living room. I usually do end up in the living room as my room gets very hot but I remember it. This last week I vaguely remember going to the living room. Maybe I was still asleep? Also my dreams mix in with reality and I get them confused not know what has actually happened. I don't like to bring up event because I don't know if they have actually happened. This has happened before sometime this year, but it had stopped and experienced it again this week. I also forget what I am doing at times. Or I had an experience yesterday where I came into my room intending to get my blanket to take on a road trip. I walked out of the house and my dad asked me if I was gonna get my blanket and so I went back. I went into my room and I put on chapstick and walk right back out without my blanket. I walked into my room 3 times to get it and finally walked out with it the third time.

Also I have had two instances in the past two weeks or so where I look at someone who I see daily and see them differently. Like they look totally different. Just yesterday I was talking to my sister and in the middle of the conversation I notice something different and she looks different like I don't recognize her, I even had to look away. So I come to my senses and realize who I'm talking to. I had to literally tell myself okay this is your sister.

I have also noticed this thing with my eyes, I can remember as far back as 2010 that this happened. It happens more when I'm talking to doctors or teachers/counselors. My eyes start to feel like the have completely locked focus on that person. Like thats all I see. I start to like zoom in on them and everything around them is like blurred. It makes my eyes feel as if the are wide opened and start to hurt (migraine like). I have to look away for a period of time for my eyes to unfocus on that person. Recently within the past 6 months I have noticed black spots occur in my vision, not being able to read street signs until up close to them and also blurry vision.

Is this derealization?
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