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dizzy/light headed/head pain/sensitivity..

Well this all started 4 months ago, start of february.  Was playing pc games like always (very addicted) was constantly on the pc for a year prior to these feelings.  One night I just all of a sudden started to feel dizzy and light headed I got cold rush over my body/shaking and I thought the worst was imminent.

I'm still here 4 months later but still worry as much as ever (is it a brain tumour or aneurysm)are just the thoughts I dont need but cant get rid of.  The doctor has since given me anti depressants(fluoxetine) but I dont want to be on them.

The constant dizzy/light headed feeling is gone but I get a few second spells of it sometimes, my head feels sensitive to touch, hair movement can sometimes feel different/discomfort (lol weird i know) cant wear hats because of it!  Weighted/heaviness at the top of my head, its the first thing I think of when I get up and the last thing I think of when I get to sleep!  Anyway I realise i worry too much but I cant get rid of the serious health doubts, even though it probably is just anxiety and the depression.  Maybe stress I don't know anymore.  

Also sometimes I feel my heart like jump out of my chest, then again im skinny so I probably feel every minute thing that goes on in my body and think the worst.
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We all think of the worst. You are in the right place. Anxiety gives you all  kind symptons.  I had all kinds of symptons and I thought cancer, anerysoms you name it and it all came out to be anxiety your not the only one. This forum is the best and everyone will help you!!!!  Hang in there

Best wishes
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The first panic attack sucks, mainly because it sets you up for more to come.  It's like a wake up call for your body to look for things wrong with it.  But the problem is there is nothing wrong with it.  Mine started about 5 months ago at night also.  I had a giant cup of coffee that night and my heart was racing like crazy.  I wasn't used to that feeling and it caused so much fear in me that I had a panic attack.  Since then, I've been on the lookout for anything and everything wrong with me.  Honestly, every doctor in the world could tell me I'm fine, but it just makes me feel like they didn't look hard enough.  I think my brain won't be happy until it DOES find something wrong with it!!!  Stupid brain.......

PS- What games do you play on the PC?  I'm a pretty hardcore gamer myself..      
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just managed to quit world of warcraft *IT RUINS LIVES!* game really had a hold of my life for a year or more.  But last night i went out to a gig and got drunk and felt better!  anyway hope your panic attacks reside, all the best!
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Hah, I just quit World of Warcraft too.  I played it since it came out.  What server did ya play on?
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emerald dream/EU though, i think most people here are american? not sure.
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hi mate im charlie and im a big worrier 2 i worry about brain tumors and i play pc games all of the time addicted and i have lightheaded ness and headaches and wierd feelings like sharp pains but they dont hurt and i feel lke im on a boat sometimes cause it feels like im moving up and down like motion sickness and i am really worried and this has been going on for a year i went to the doctors they said i av anxity and im 15 and i need help.   im getting councelling maybe you should do the same cause i dont want to be like this all my life crying and sad :( please wrote back thankyou   if you need to contact me    charlie_skeleton***@****
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Hey there i have the same problems, my scal; feels really sensitive and strange, i have a heavyu feeling inside my head, like theres a big bubble in there it completely freakes me out. I have so many pains and worries, mostly about brain tumors and anyrisms. I guess were just gonna have to try and convince ourselves that were ok, easier said than done though hey!! I think i need to just stop being so scared of death.
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Same here I am feeling the same. I have the creepy crawly feelings in my scalp. Pains in my head, near temples mainly. I feel horrible. I have had depression but had learned to live with it, now out of the blue I'v just developed these horrible headaches and sensations. GP said it is Anxiety symptoms. I do not feel reasured just worried sick that I have something that they will eventually find to late. I had a brain scan 18 months ago found nothing. But now that its back do I really have to have another brain scan in order to reasure myself. God someone help me...

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do you recon i have a brain tumor cause i have the wierd feelings the doctor said its anxity i feel faint is tht anxity
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hi everyone. i had similar feelings to. mine all started on august 5th 2008 when i was smoking pot and i took to big of an inhale in and started to choke and cough so much that it felt like somthing on my left side of my head popped it was crazy my heart started beating crazy and i turned white as a ghost. so no more pot lol. um ever since that day i suffer from anexity/panic disorders. i had an mri mra of my head. 5 cat scans of my head which is not great i no. i had a sonogram of my neck for the blood flow. i had a cervial spine mri thats of the neck. i had tmj mri for the joints and muscles in my head. i had a chest mri. i had my nerves checked in my arms. i had a doplar for the blood flow in my arms. i had an eckocardiogram. i had an cartiod artie check. lymes test, stool checked, blood clot checked. all normal i just have to go to the lab to do my closteral and suger then im down. ive been having really really reallly really badd neck and head pains. i was in the er last night and had a catscan which was normal. my neck feels weird as if it startts at the bottom of my neck and goes up into my head. my neck feels weird. im really scared i no i had a whole major body check up but what is this im really scared. they say anexity i mean i guess it has to be becuase all my tests came back normal but i have no clue what so ever. im 18 years old  i have no life. i cant even go far without being close to home. ive been to the hopsitals so much lkke 35 times since august 5th its ricdoulous. i just want to live my life as a teenager. i cant even go to school. i feel like im amounting to nothing. i have feelings where i feel good for like 5 minutes and im back to myslef. ive been having alot of pressure in my head lately and when i pop my ears it seems to let a lot of the pressure out. but today its weird my ears arent clugged and i have alot of pain just in the one area on my right side like in the middle of my head. im really scared if any anssweresss please let me no. i take advainn and abilfy..

hope the bestt for everyone . god bless
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im always scared. i cant go out for long becuase i get neervous even if im with my mom or anyone. i get the weridest feelings i no i had a lot of tests done but can the pot really done this to me and messed me all up ? i have head and neck pain 24/7 i had a sonogram of my neck 2 days ago and a ct scan yesterday they say im fine. even though my neck and head feel really really weird as if somthing somtimes is leaking in my head its weird. the right side of my chest hurts and this is the same side as my neck pain and head pain. i recently had an mri of my chest which was normal also i dont no what to do anymore. can aniexty realluy do this to you? i feel so alone and im putting my mom threw alot and i feel really horrible. i need all the helppp so if you feel like or somthing pleaase let me no so im not aalone! i just feel like my life is going to end thats on my mind 24/7 im scared i cant even really go out at all becuase i get weird feelings threw out my body everyday. please write back...

god bless!!!!!
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can neck pain and head pain on the right side be caused by a nerve? my right eye is also watery. i diont have a cold. im just really scared... any inffooo pease let me no!
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I have the same thing, but in my left eye..its crazy
dont know what it is, just know that it bugs the **** out of me
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I have been dealing with pressure in head ,ears headaches ,dizzy ,lightheaded.along with joints hurting feeling like I will pass out.I have been to GP ,ENT, ALergen SPEC,heart doc .I have had two CT's one w/contrast .They say I have bad alergies but I feel like I am going crazy .I have been on all types of meds nothing works.oh I have to  take norvacs as well ..they said my blood pressure was up....yes because I feel like i will die.this is reaally scary and I wish i could get some help ..anyone have any ideas i know i have alot going on ...please give some advise.
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Anxiety is hell. I've been through it myself due to health issues. I know no one wants to be on meds, but you should try getting a prescription for Trazadone. It is one of the safest medications out there, and can help you sleep at night. It definitely helped me. It won't really make you feel tired, but it will let you sleep through the night. If you do try it and feel tired, you may want to down the dosage Give it a try. Another thing that helped me get through the anxiety **** was taking my dog for a short 1-2 mile walk. Just to be outside helped. My heart goes out to you It seems like hell now, but you will get through it. If I got through it you can too.    
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werid feelings on the left side of my head i think its inner ear problems with my left ear casuing me to feel veruy very veryy weak throughtout my body iam okay i had more test then the aveerage 90 yeasr old man. i hope im okay.. any asnwers?
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I had been having heart palpitations and an uncomfortable feeling in my chest for about 2 months now.  Out of no where I've been having head problems.  I feel pressure on my head on both the sides and the to... I get lightheaded/dizzy sometimes a little nauteous... I have been having pain in my neck and it just doesn't seem to go away... I've been worried ever since and it seems to be making it worse.  My fear has gone from having a possible heart condition to now possibly having something wrong with my head... All the while my chest is fine now since I've become obsessed with my head problems... Is this anxiety? I've always had worries about my health but it hadn't really been a main concern of my everyday life until the chest problems... I'm scared that there might be something wrong with my head now.. My eyes have been feeling heavy... I'm really worried.. My mom has been saying its anxiety and its not just a coincidence that my chest problems have gone away while my head/brain worries have just started... I just don't know.
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hey i been having the same pains i keep thinking its a tumour and iam so scared of that but i guess its not doc keep saying its aniexty i get pains in my head blurry vision i allways think the worst i allways thik the doctor didint do enough but he said my skull and brain is perfect nothing wrong with it i wish it would just stop can someone contat me thekronick420  yea i no i dont smoke anymore its been like 2 weeeks because im scared smoking is the problemm so i stoppedd its (@live.ca)   if anyone has pains and stuff like me contact me plz
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Since I was 17 ( I am 27 now ) I have always been dizzy and somewhat sick to my stomache early in the morning. I had anxiety spells here and there which I thought was only related to stress from work. About 2 years ago, these occassional experiences became severe and pressing. I was in the shower and had such an intese panic attack that I had to get out and try and figure what to do next. I was on the phone with my family trying to weigh my options for treatment. My general doctor prescriped effexor which made me even more sick to my stomache. I then went to a specialist which perscribed lexipro, ambien and xanax which made me cry my eyes out because I am a bit of a naturalist and couldnt believe the amount of percriptions nneded to mask these feelings... yet no one even mentioned therapy??? Lexipro made me feel weird and my insomnia went through the roof. I am now taking celexa which I love but did it did effect my sleeping pattern at first so I have to take it in the morning. I think that my focus on breathing and taking deep breaths has helped along with counseling however I am still light headed on a daily basis. I feel like Im somewhat in a bubble and have sharp pains in my head time to time. I feel like I have learned to live with it but I still continue to search for answers. I just want to go back to feeling how I did before all of these changes. It could be as simple as unbalanced chemical levels in the brain or something larger, which I analyze way too much and google way too much haha. I hope this is helpful. All of your stories make me feel less alone in all of the confusion.
All the best,
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I thought the same thing when I first start having problems with anxiety. I couldn't remember where I was or what I was doing. I felt like I was actually dying even though I wasn't. I didn't know how to control it & I didn't like that. I went to my doctor & got put on medicine...it didn't work so they prescribed me something else which helped me really well. I didn't have anxiety attacks but once or twice in the 3 or 4 months that I took it which was good for me since I usually had them a lot each day. I also went to see a therapist who was great. I got through it all & still have issues today partly because I stopped taking the medicine before I was supposed to. I was trying to get pregnant & ended up getting pregnant a few months later so I haven't talked to my doctor about prescribing it to me again. Now I've got to the point where I have trouble sleeping as well & have nightmares like with stuff out of horror movies so I'm trying to talk about it & get through it. I wish you luck.
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i hav the samething guys i always feel like im goin to die an i went to the dock like 40 times an everythng was good an cnt even go tht far from my house it realyy suxs bt hope for the best guys
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wow, finally someone just like me!!!!!!!!!!!

I have dizzy spells but they are slowly going away. I am working very hard at trying to stop the panic's before it happens. I take half of 1mg Lorazepam and only when i am stressed to the point I cant control it! Right now i am thinking I have a brain tumor but because Dizzy spells, headaches and sometimes feeling sick followed by tingling hands which I know would be a dang panic attack!!!!!!!
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I have been suffering from really bad anxiety attacks for a year now! i have dizzy spells, headaches, chest pains, a feeling of weirdess which i cant describe, the only way i can describe it is when you eat to much sugar and your vision goes weird, thats how i feel everyday, the only thing i found is helped as if i wake up late and dont get dressed straight away i get it really bad but if i wake up early and get dressed straight away it does not happen really at all, it the worst thing to suffer from, as i have health anxiety trust me i have thought i had it all! and i still try and think i have all these on going illnesses, that it affects me everyday life! anyone else found it this hard?
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i was sitting in the car and it just hit me, my face felt like it had dropped, went all light headed and started to panic, i also feel as though im someone else and not my self, i take alot of anxiey and panic attacks aswell, i get theese sharp head pains and weired fealings in my head al over it, does anyone else have theese problems, i also think i have a brain tumour or brain aneurysm aswell, does anyone else had thease sort of fealings, i have seen about 6 docs and they say its pressure and tension headaches. i have been referred to a neurologist in september, any answers please
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