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dizzy/light headed/head pain/sensitivity..

Well this all started 4 months ago, start of february.  Was playing pc games like always (very addicted) was constantly on the pc for a year prior to these feelings.  One night I just all of a sudden started to feel dizzy and light headed I got cold rush over my body/shaking and I thought the worst was imminent.

I'm still here 4 months later but still worry as much as ever (is it a brain tumour or aneurysm)are just the thoughts I dont need but cant get rid of.  The doctor has since given me anti depressants(fluoxetine) but I dont want to be on them.

The constant dizzy/light headed feeling is gone but I get a few second spells of it sometimes, my head feels sensitive to touch, hair movement can sometimes feel different/discomfort (lol weird i know) cant wear hats because of it!  Weighted/heaviness at the top of my head, its the first thing I think of when I get up and the last thing I think of when I get to sleep!  Anyway I realise i worry too much but I cant get rid of the serious health doubts, even though it probably is just anxiety and the depression.  Maybe stress I don't know anymore.  

Also sometimes I feel my heart like jump out of my chest, then again im skinny so I probably feel every minute thing that goes on in my body and think the worst.
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Hey there i have the same problems, my scal; feels really sensitive and strange, i have a heavyu feeling inside my head, like theres a big bubble in there it completely freakes me out. I have so many pains and worries, mostly about brain tumors and anyrisms. I guess were just gonna have to try and convince ourselves that were ok, easier said than done though hey!! I think i need to just stop being so scared of death.
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Same here I am feeling the same. I have the creepy crawly feelings in my scalp. Pains in my head, near temples mainly. I feel horrible. I have had depression but had learned to live with it, now out of the blue I'v just developed these horrible headaches and sensations. GP said it is Anxiety symptoms. I do not feel reasured just worried sick that I have something that they will eventually find to late. I had a brain scan 18 months ago found nothing. But now that its back do I really have to have another brain scan in order to reasure myself. God someone help me...

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do you recon i have a brain tumor cause i have the wierd feelings the doctor said its anxity i feel faint is tht anxity
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hi everyone. i had similar feelings to. mine all started on august 5th 2008 when i was smoking pot and i took to big of an inhale in and started to choke and cough so much that it felt like somthing on my left side of my head popped it was crazy my heart started beating crazy and i turned white as a ghost. so no more pot lol. um ever since that day i suffer from anexity/panic disorders. i had an mri mra of my head. 5 cat scans of my head which is not great i no. i had a sonogram of my neck for the blood flow. i had a cervial spine mri thats of the neck. i had tmj mri for the joints and muscles in my head. i had a chest mri. i had my nerves checked in my arms. i had a doplar for the blood flow in my arms. i had an eckocardiogram. i had an cartiod artie check. lymes test, stool checked, blood clot checked. all normal i just have to go to the lab to do my closteral and suger then im down. ive been having really really reallly really badd neck and head pains. i was in the er last night and had a catscan which was normal. my neck feels weird as if it startts at the bottom of my neck and goes up into my head. my neck feels weird. im really scared i no i had a whole major body check up but what is this im really scared. they say anexity i mean i guess it has to be becuase all my tests came back normal but i have no clue what so ever. im 18 years old  i have no life. i cant even go far without being close to home. ive been to the hopsitals so much lkke 35 times since august 5th its ricdoulous. i just want to live my life as a teenager. i cant even go to school. i feel like im amounting to nothing. i have feelings where i feel good for like 5 minutes and im back to myslef. ive been having alot of pressure in my head lately and when i pop my ears it seems to let a lot of the pressure out. but today its weird my ears arent clugged and i have alot of pain just in the one area on my right side like in the middle of my head. im really scared if any anssweresss please let me no. i take advainn and abilfy..

hope the bestt for everyone . god bless
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im always scared. i cant go out for long becuase i get neervous even if im with my mom or anyone. i get the weridest feelings i no i had a lot of tests done but can the pot really done this to me and messed me all up ? i have head and neck pain 24/7 i had a sonogram of my neck 2 days ago and a ct scan yesterday they say im fine. even though my neck and head feel really really weird as if somthing somtimes is leaking in my head its weird. the right side of my chest hurts and this is the same side as my neck pain and head pain. i recently had an mri of my chest which was normal also i dont no what to do anymore. can aniexty realluy do this to you? i feel so alone and im putting my mom threw alot and i feel really horrible. i need all the helppp so if you feel like or somthing pleaase let me no so im not aalone! i just feel like my life is going to end thats on my mind 24/7 im scared i cant even really go out at all becuase i get weird feelings threw out my body everyday. please write back...

god bless!!!!!
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can neck pain and head pain on the right side be caused by a nerve? my right eye is also watery. i diont have a cold. im just really scared... any inffooo pease let me no!
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