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does anxiety ever dissipate or better yet completely vanish ?

I've been experiencing this life changing anxiety since beginning of February. Over the course of the past 2 months it's seem to get worse with symptoms changing. I'm starting to lose hope. I'm on 10 mg of lexapro and not feeling any relief. Just more symptoms and agitation. So I was just wondering if anyone has woke up one day and anxiety just disappeared. I know therapy and medication go hand and hand. What about healthy diet and excercise for a cure to anxiety? I've heard stories of it curing things and wanted to know if anyone has first hand accounts of success.
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I haven't experienced this success, but I have seen it -- I managed health food stores for 18 years, and I did see people get a whole lot better after doctors failed them.  This is a very individual thing -- for some, it lingers, for others it goes away, so no way to predict.  By the way, when I was on Lexapro, the company website stated that 10mg was the dose for depression but for anxiety the researched dose reached success at 20mg.  Something to consider.  As for therapy, have you tried CBT?  As for natural medicine, read a book called Natural Highs by Hyla Cass, a psychiatrist at UCLA who uses natural remedies in her practice.  
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Iill definitely check that book out. I'm currently looking for a cbt therapist now to see if I could benefit from it. I'm just stuck at a crossroads right now between medication and natural remedies. I was asked to bump my lexapro up to 15 mg by my doctor but it's only been like 3 and a half weeks on 10 mg. From what you stated 20 mg seems to be the most effective dose for anxiety. I just don't want to be on medication forever. I'd rather suffer through the anxiety and slowly recovery then be on medication then 10 years from now the meds stop working and my body can't produce what lexapro filled in all these years.
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My anxiety has gone up to three years with no symptoms.   Then all the sudden I got stressed out and got into such a bad state that I couldn't work anymore.   This happened to me in February and I'm finally feeling half way better.   I got put on luvox.  
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That makes me really hopeful. I wish to experience such remission like you did. Thanks for commenting.
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I exercise, do yoga, eat healthy, go to therapy and take meds.  Unfortunately I'm still a bit of a mess right now.  I will say that right after a workout or yoga I do usually feel better but the anxiety soon comes back for me.  My therapist seems a little annoyed with me at the moment because I'm not better.  I started Zoloft today and am hoping this will make a difference.  I just need to feel better.  Best of luck on your journey!
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At 81 & having a 25+ yrs. of agitated depression/ acute anxiety the one way to improve my mood is to go for a jog that lasts for 1.3/4 hrs in whatever weather there is. Meds/CBT have helped, but sooner or later something triggers a relapse to a very dark state. It seems to me that some of us are predisposed to suffer mental conflict, the trick's to make the most of the times when not troubled & when troubled to ask for professional help. Having a friend that you trust to offload your concerns to may be helpful. Most people of my era hate running or exercise that tires them. Ignore being tired & get out into the fresh air is worth the effort. Good luck!

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That  little relief you experience from yoga and a workout sounds like it's worth trying. I really do hope the Zoloft will work for you. I'm sure it will take the edge of the anxiety.  I wish you the best in recovery. Nothing lasts forever.
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This may be true. I feel there's a way to train your mind to snap out of the anxiety. That through diet and excercise that chemicals can rebalance and establish the homeostasis that once exsisted. most anti-depressants are fillers for chemicals we get from red meat. I totally agree about having a friend to just let loose with. After letting out with someone your so close to its one of the best feelings. Thanks for commenting !
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