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does any one else?

hate being alone home by them selves or going some where alone... is that part of anxiety?!?!
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yes  I am that way now  
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I am the same way! They actually have a term for it monophobic or something like that! Being scared to be alone. I don't even go grocery shopping by myself unless I am having a really good day. I would love to have my husband home all the time but he has to work, I figure I can't be dependent on others all the time anyway! I know how you feel and am sorry you have to go through this!
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i know it is terrible... may i ask do you suffer from an anxiety disorder?
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Yes! My anxiety started just socially and then as the years have passed it got progressively worse! Now I have to take Zoloft and go through episodes of anxiety but with my meds it's a lot better.
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i am currently on zoloft 50mg and i have been on it for less then two months it helps me a little but not to the point where i can say i am "normal"
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Hello again.  I'm going to copy/paste all of your different questions here, so we can reply to everything in one thread.  Like I said in one of your other threads, it's much easier and less confusing to have one thread going with your concerns and questions versus multiple ones.  That way, the responders have ALL the info they need in one place.  To your questions....

Hi everyone I am new to this forum and I just wanted to share my story and get everyone thoughts and opinions.... sorry if this is lengthy...

About 5 months ago is when this all started.. i was very close to graduating college and just finishing up doing my practicum for teaching. When i started to get random dizzy spells. At this time I did not think to much of it.. until one day i got the random dizzy spell with my heart pounding the chills and diarrhea   :sick0002: after that my life has changed for good... since then i have had a huge amounts of tests ( i will list my tests below) i also have had many many many symptoms which i will also list below. i have been experiencing panic attacks and i CONSTANTLY worry :dazed: of course i fear the worst such as a brain aneurysm, MS, cancer, stroke, that i have POTS disorder. Lyme disease ...basically anything i worry about having.... if i haven't mentioned i am a 20 year old female who previously to this was very healthy and played sports for 9 years... Please someone help!!

.... basically I just want to know if this could be anxiety and if anxiety can really cause all of this since all the doctors and er people seem to think it is..??

***The short answer?  Absolutely, yes.  The longer answer...it sounds a lot like you started having panic attacks from what you described.  You are actually in the common age range where anxiety disorders present themselves.  Were you given a diagnosis?  Like panic disorder, GAD?

The first thing one should always do in this kind of situation is see their doc for a thorough assessment to rule out any possible physical cause.  There are many common maladies that mimic anxiety and panic (ie thyroid disorders, hormonal imbalances, etc).  So, the good news is, you've done that and you've gotten a clean bill of health.  Believe your doctor and your test results.  

To answer your actual question, YES it's VERY possible that anxiety could cause all of the symptoms you describe.  Anxiety causes very real physical symptoms, which is why it's sometimes so hard to buy into the fact that the problem is anxiety.  The other good news is, anxiety is very treatable, it can be managed.  IN reference to anxiety disorders (not just fleeting, situation anxiety), there is no "cure" or magic fix, but there is management and treatment.  Unfortunately most people diagnosed with an anxiety disorder are stuck with it for life, but the good news is, when it's well managed, you will experience long periods of time with either very little anxiety, or none at all.  It ebbs and tides, there will be times when you're dealing with a lot of anxiety and other times when you have none.  This is why it's so important to try to accept that indeed you could be dealing with anxiety, and then educate yourself about it.  There are TONS of self help books that I would recommend.  I'll provide a link to a health page listing various resources.  The first book any anxiety sufferer should invest in IMO is "The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook" by Edmund Bourne. It's made much like a textbook, and it offers different exercises to do, things like journaling, breathing exercises, etc that are very helpful!

You've started on Zoloft, which medication-wise, is probably one of the better, more logical starting points for medication.  Zoloft happens to be the most commonly Rx'ed antidepressant for anxiety disorders, namely because it has a pretty decent success rate and the majority of people tolerate it quite well.  It takes time for meds like Zoloft to really start working, and a lot of times, higher doses end up being necessary for a person to experience the desired level of effectiveness.  Your dose is on the low side, so you definitely have room to go up with your dose.  

Typically, it's important to give Zoloft about 4-6 weeks before making any determination as to its effectiveness, and to evaluate if the dosage is appropriate.  You say you've been on it for less than two months, I think it's reasonable to discuss a dosage increase with your doctor at this point.  

Be sure you're taking it every day, no missed doses, and try to take it around the same time every day.  If possible, have a psychiatrist manage your medication and oversee a referral for therapy.  Therapy is a crucial part of getting anxiety to a more manageable level.  CBT, or cognitive behavioral therapy is the best kind of therapy for anxiety sufferers, so I would encourage you to inquire with your doctor about finding a therapist who is well versed in that.  Also, things like lifestyle improvements, including changes in diet, physical exercise, staying away from drugs and alcohol (that's a biggie, alcohol will exacerbate anxiety terribly) are very important and will help to decrease your anxiety levels.

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hate being alone home by them selves or going some where alone... is that part of anxiety?!?!

**Yes, this is very commonly seen in people with high levels of anxiety.  Basically, we just become very fearful and tend to start isolating ourselves to our "safe places" and surround ourselves with our "safe people".  This is fine, but you have to be cautious.  

A secondary phobia a lot of people with anxiety disorders (especially panic disorder) develop is called agoraphobia.  Do some reading about it.  It's basically where one starts isolating themselves, eventually having a harder and harder time leaving their safe place (usually home), some people even become essentially housebound.  While it's okay to take a break now and again, it's very important to keep pushing yourself to get out and to face anxiety producing situations, even if for a few minutes at a time.  

I've had very severe agoraphobia in the past when my panic was at its peak, and I did become almost completely housebound.  Thankfully not for very long because I had a great therapist who pushed me and made me continue to set goals.  Just keep an eye on this and if you're noticing a lot of avoidant behavior, you need to push yourself that much harder.  Sure, it will be uncomfortable, but the more you push yourself, the more your brain will get the message that there is nothing to be anxious about, and the easier it will get.  It takes some time.  The more you give in to the anxiety, the more your mind gets the opposite message, that there IS something to fear.  It's conditioning basically.  We either feed into it, or help ourselves by facing our fears as much as we can.  It's amazing how quickly anxiety can debilitate us and get us into some self defeating habits.  That takes some time to undo unfortunately.  That's why it's important to always keep working hard to not basically surrender to the anxiety.  It's in our nature (understandably) to just want to avoid anything that makes us uncomfortable, but when you're dealing with illogical and irrational anxiety, you have to do the opposite.

Does anyone else have trouble with certain lighting .... like the lighting in Walmart ?? i never used to until my anxiety got very bad and i have been to the eye doc twice...everything was fine.can this be caused by anxiety??

***This is also another thing very commonly seen with high levels of anxiety (especially panic).  Look up and read about de-realization.  It's basically a side effect of anxiety where our perception of the world around us becomes distorted.  Everything "looks funny"...colors, items that are familiar to us look strange, etc.  When I was first diagnosed with panic disorder, I went to the eye doctor like 10 times in a month.  I was NOT convinced there was not something wrong with my eyes because my vision was so whacky!  Another harmless, yet upsetting side effect of anxiety/panic.  Does that all ring a bell?

So, basically, from all you've written, unofficially and in my opinion, it sounds to me like you're contending with panic disorder or in the least having panic attacks.  The great news is, this is common and treatable.  I know it's scary, but you're going to be fine.  The anxiety will NOT harm you and there is nothing seriously wrong with you.  That's another commonality among anxiety sufferers, the "what iffing".  "What if I have a heart attack?"  "What if I have a brain tumor" (and cue the headache and vision problems associated with anxiety, and it's easy to believe, isn't it?)  Some people fear dying, some fear that they have a deadly illness, or that they will just drop dead of something like a heart attack or stroke, and others fear losing control or going crazy.  Some people have several fears that change.

As you're going through this process of getting yourself better, remember that FEAR IS NOT FACT.  An anxious person must remind themselves of what the FACTS are.  When you what if about a heart attack for example, remind yourself that you've been seen by a doctor, have had tests that all were negative, plus at your age, that would be highly unlikely anyway.  You had also asked about fearing MS...that's also anxiety talking.  Remember, focus on the FACTS, not the fear.

This is a process that takes time, and the MORE effort you put into this, both by learning all you can about anxiety disorders, and by keeping the lines of communication open with your mental health professionals, work hard at setting goals and working to reach them...the better you will do and quicker you will start feeling normal again.

Take care, please keep us updated okay?  We know what it's like.  You're among friends here, we totally "get it"...most of us have had anxiety disorders for a long time.  Anxious "pros" if you will.  :0)

Hang in there!
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Here is the link to the anxiety resources.  LOTS of books.  I would really recommend you picking up a book or two to read.  I would personally recommend any book about panic disorder, as it sounds like that most closely matches what you've got going on (IMO).

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Thank you so much that was a great answer.
I do have another question however,

All of a sudden im nervous that I have a heart arrhythmia..... i have had tests such as 4 or 5 EKGS, echocardigram, chest x ray, and a holiter monitor... it all came back normal.... is it possible that i still could have an arrhythmia ???

And my throat always feels tight whats up with that??
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