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does derealization go away?

im a 20 yr old female and iv had derealization for 4 months now. it has not gone away not once. i feel spaced out, but werid all the time like these are not my eyes im seeing out of . i have no idea why i got it (which makes me not understand how i got it)  i never thought i had anxiety either or was very stressed? its the worst feeling in the world and im just scared to death it will not go away. does it? what are things would help me recover? i would really appreciate anyones help!  for the first 3 months thought i was stuck and that i had to have hurt something in my body but iv had a mri, cat scan, spinal tap and tons of blood work that come back normal. i was so depressed and scared but now im just trying hard to beat this thing if its possble. my emotions are up and down all day long. one min im like ill be ok i have hope an the next im scared again and just want it to be done or think it wont go away. hope i get some answers, thank you.
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I wish I had an answer. I really do. I have the same episodes all of the time, daily right now. Depersonalization and derealization. I don't have any tools to offer, I really wish I did. It's all I can do to hang on when it starts. It's like a slow emotional anesthetization that ends with me not really being here. I can't stop it, I can't control it. I've read it's anxiety based and I'm trying to see if I can see a pattern, something to give me some idea of when it will happen, even if I don't know why. I'm also bipolar and have BPD so my emotions aren't reliable anyway. But while I can't offer a cure, I can say you aren't alone.
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Hey hun. For sure your not alone. I have had it also for about four months and still going.. I know it will go away. Its just that we focus on out much more so it stays.. The only advice I really have is try to not let it scare you and do more familiar things to get your mind back to the normal state.

I know its easier said then done but it could help. Try to start doing more things and not let it keep you thinking of it while it is happening.

Are you on any meds?? And have you seem any therapist?? They may be able to help.. Researching things in the net while having anxiety is not good but in things case have you researched it on the net to see possible things to nice on from it??

I'm so sorry I couldn't give you more things to help as to the fact I believe it has to just take its course. And yes it will and could go away. Its just how long it will take. Hoopoe you start to feel better I'm here to chat if need be..
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You may want to look into a doctor for anxiety or depression. Derealization stems usually from stress and anxiety, but they shouldn't be lasting as long as they have. See a psychologist or psychotherapist, maybe one of them can help you.
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It does go away. I have had it off and on over the years after stressfull events. Dont fight it because it will only get worse.

as uncomfortable as it is, derealization is harmless. DR/DP are the results of a stressed brain. I believe I sent you literature on this condition. That explains everything that is happening to you.
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I've had this for years if like this all dat. I'm starting to lose track of whats real and whats a dream. the only escape is death
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I'm so sorry to hear of your symptoms; they are indeed very scary. I have had these and still do. I've had a very stressful few months (won't go into it but is was BAD) which culminated in me having what I now know was a severe panic attack.  I got very very bad depersonalization and derealization as a result. I was so freaked out and scared that the only thought that kept me going was that I'd kill myself.

However, you say that you're very scared all the time and worry about this constantly. This is what's stopping it going away. This is usually regarded as a symptom of another problem (anxiety, depresion ect) but can be so terrifying that the person starts to focus only on this and then it becomes the dominant issue. The best way to deal with it is to try and forget its there. Thinking about it only makes you MORE inward looking and thus MORE seperated from the world around you. Easier said than done. But that's what I've been doing and while I still have derealization the depersonalization has all but gone - I feel like myself again even if the world around me still feels fuzzy and far away.

Don't be scared, you can get over this if you change the way you let it influence you. Don't obsess over it and don't let it win. Get on and live your life like nothing is wrong and it'll go eventually. But if you have depression/anxiety you should make sure you go to your doctor. I'm 30 and never knew I was anxious until now. Get out of your bad thinking habits while you're young :)
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Hi just want to say depersonalisation will go away!! Last April I was going through alot of stress and thought smoking pot would help me well it did not it made me 100 times worse I instantly got panic and anxiety attacks afterwards I was constantly lightheaded and felt like I was in a dream like state it was horrible I was so scared, just want to say you are going through the worse of it now and things can only get better just be string it's easier said than done believe me. I stopped going out places, I thought I was going insane I actually called a mentally insane hospital, but they would not let me admit my self, so I went to doctors and explained and they don't have a clue they just prescribed me with anxiety tablets, got tests done all came back normal then after a month of nightmare I thought **** it, I am going to get my life back so I stopped smoking and drinking, started eating all healthy foods, fruit, orange, apple juice and just water. I joined a gym and went near enough everyday doing cardio and weights, went to sauna 2 times a week which is really good for anxiety. Went swimming 3 times a week. When not at gym tried not to think about it 2 months past still had it but I was strong and dedicated and kept going after that it gradually got better noticing the difference 3 months later I was 100% back to normal also no anxiety at all, it has all gone. I appreciate life so much more now I am so sociable and a bonus I don't waste money on cigs and have a toned muscle body. I know you can get better, I had many times where I felt like giving up, 1 min later I felt I can beat it! Constant mixed emotions. Vitamins a good aswell, remember your going through the worse of it now, if I can do it anyone can trust me. If you need any info or support I will do what I can :-) takecare and remember you are not alone.
I know alot of years have passed since you commented on this but im going throught it too but mine has just started for like 3 weeks or something and i have the same symptons you had and i am really going to take your advice because it seems like it might work. Also i havent been able to remember anything like ANYTHING its like im just always in a dream like 24/7. I would have like 4 kinda good days but then it would all go to **** again. But oh well its been 4 years so you probably wont see this but.... thanks
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When I had this I used bachs herbal remedy spray which helped instantly.. Hope you get better soon x
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ive had dr for 18 yrs and have never felt it get easier. i used to get it for minutes in a day for a couple of years as a teenager, but one day i had it all day and it never went away. im working on getting my sleep as healthy as possible because i think it might be the biggest culprit behind all of us dr or dp sufferers! even as a young teen i remember never really getting good rest even after sleeping for 8 plus hours. some of us never get rem(rapid eye movement) sleep. if we dont get that our brains get extremely weak and confused( sounds like dr and dp doesent it)? im sure some of you remember how colorful and real everything used to feel? and im sure some of you remember only feeling symptoms close to dr or dp when you used to stay up partying, hanging out with friends, watching tv till the next day. dr and dp are symptoms not a disease! but im now starting to think that my sleep deprivation over years of not getting rem sleep caused my anxiety and dr, and not the other way around. the best way to describe dr  or dp is like being in a dreamlike state". we can sleep all we want, but if we dont get in to deep sleep you will feel like this all day(dr and dp). I just got my cpap and i hope this helps! i will fill you guys in on how its working for me if i end up getting my deep sleep. i thought i was sleeping and just felt tired all the time, but my sleep study showed that i was wrong! later,,
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oh i forgot to mention that it was a hint for all of you to get a sleep study! just because your eyes are closed and even have a dream or two, doesent mean that you are getting the sleep required for your brain to replenish and repair itself! i bet we are all low in adrenaline and have very weak adrenal glands as well...
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Bryan here, 21 now, lived in a house full of smokers but i moved out. peer pressure into smoking a couple times, feel out of it all the time, like im in my own world, and people look at you like theres somethin wrong with you. ive had it for a year now, trying to keep busy but its hard.....same with you been to all tests but its a mental problem....maybe a family issue, drugs you had? but the cause aint important, exercise, eat right and keep busy.
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I've had dp/dr since June this year. All began after a heavy night drinking and sniffing Charlie to awake the next day feeling depressed and seeing reality in a new dimension. Like most people the world wide web quickly produced a name for how i was feeling, and the classification instantly reassured me. Unfortunately it affected my work and I was forced to leave London and return to my home country of South Africa to live with my parents at the ripe old age of 25.

Since returning, my symptoms have subsided a little, through talking to friends and family and I think seeing a therapist is definitely on the cards. The derealization aspect really annoys me, as I get a kind of tunnel vision when talking to people and it can interfere with my logical thought processes. I have noticed that doing exercise i.e running, definitely relaxes you and makes DP/DR easier to cope with. Thankfully this little setback hasn't affected me intellectually, although moments of intense brain fog do. I guess the key is to eliminate stress by eating right, exercising, socializing, and reading which gets the synapses firing and has caused some people to immediately snap out of it.

I haven't experienced resensitization yet, but holding onto that dream makes this dream more manageable.
Keep the faith.
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