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does menapuse cause more anxiety related problems

i've suffered from panic attacks for years,, started when i was in my teens...
went on paxil a few years back,, worked but made me numb,,, the bad thing is i started drinking  a few beers
a day ,keeps me mellow,,, i havent had an attack in awhile,, i get close to having one,, but somehow i realize now,,, its not going to kill me,,,i know the beer thing isnt a good choice but it works for me,,and i dont feel all numd=b and
lifeless, tried theropy ,,, didnt. work,,, tried everything,,, a few beers when im anxious works,,, bad idea right?
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Are you still on the Paxil? If NOT, then two beers (MAX) a day probably won't hurt. If you ARE still on Paxil, alcohol is totally contraindicated in conjunction with this medication! DON'T DRINK AT ALL!
As to the issue of menopause, it can do one of five things. It can cause your anxiety to increase, decrease, stay the same, go away or hit you for the first time! How's that for a great answer? I'm not sure what you meant by "anxiety related problems." Maybe a bit more information would help clarify that for me.
Please be very careful with the booze.
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i didnt want to put in anxiety related problems,, just anxiety,,
but no ,i'm not on paxil anymore,,, went off that a few yrs, ago,,made me feel numb
i  suffered from severe panic attacks,, put me in the hospital sa few times...
last time,, i told the dr,, i cant breath,,, he said,,, funny,, for a person who cant breath..
you certainly talk alot... he made me laugh , gave me a xanax and sent me home,,,
i found ways to deal with it,, and realize ..it wont kill me like i used to think,,,,
i bird watch,,, keeps me mellow,,,i fill my bird feeders every day,,, get my binoculars and enjoy the nature,,, that also keeps me calm,,,,
anyhow thanks for listening
have a nice evening
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If your not on the Paxil or Xanax, then while you're feeding your bird friends (a hobby of mine as well) then pop open that beer and enjoy the antics of your backyard friends.

Did I answer your question about menopause?
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I think menopause can make your anxiety worse. Your hormones are all out of balance. If I were you I would ask my Dr. to check your hormone levels. You might need hormone replacement therapy for awhile. Take care. Remar
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you can also use natural supplements for peri monpausal and menopausal symptoms.

these will not just mask the symptoms, but nourish the glands.

Alcohol kills brain cells, and I don't know about you, but I can not afford to kill a single one of the few I have left.

just something to think about,
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Get your hormones checked and then seek a Dr. who KNOWS hormones and hormone replacement.  Someone who also deals with bio identicals and not just synthetics.  Hormones play a HUGE part in our lives and can wreck havoc when they get out of balance.
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yes the menopause can course your anxiety to increase, I started going through mine in 1999 and up until that time I was an intensive care officer with the elderly loved my job but I had to pack it in thats what the menopause did to me, also I am on benzoes been on ativan for over 30years so that hasent helped,
you sound as if you are in control of your anxiety and I say enjoy your tinnies.
take care
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