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dying all the time because of anxiety

am 24 year old , male , with 178 cm of height and 74 kg , a healthy person with no health problem
health anxiety is my major problem
i cant concentrate in my work because of this anxiety

my problem starts with a throat pain , i assumed that it was throat cancer(did endoscopy and evertyhing cme back normal )

after that i got one scar in my mouth ( oral cancer comes in ma mind and was very much worried , dentist says its nothing and , scar gone with in 1 week )

after one week , i read a book about esophaguscancer , after reading that book , a surely beeived that i have esophagus cancer , consult 4 docotrs , all said its all because of my worrying

after that i got chicken pox infection , after one week medicine , infection gone ,(after seeing an article in google , raised blood count are due to presence of  bloodcancer , i suddently went to lab and took blood test , my blood count was little high ,3  dctrs said its because of past chicken pox infection , my mind doesnt accept it , after one week count back to normal )

after one month , i heard that lung cancer cause breathing difficulty , from that point onwards i think i have lung cancer

after two weeks , i got bloating and chest burn all the time , after googled , i assumed that i have stomach cancer
4 doctors said its because of acid reflux , but i cant accept all these things

dont know what to do :( :(
for the past 3 months , i gone through , throat cancer , lung cancer , oral cancer , stomach cancer , esophagus cancer , blood cancer etc

is there any remedy to overcome this health anxiety ??
its ruining my life
please help me
am waiting for ur kind reply

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I have lived with anxiety for most of my life.  I know the worry you are going through.  You might have to seek professional help to get you through this, A good mental health professional can help you.  In the meantime, change your diet.  Cut way down on sugar, carbs and processed food.  This has helped me out a lot.  Look on line for relaxation techniques,  Try to get some exercise.  Take some magnesium.  It does help to calm you somewhat.  I hope you feel better soon.  
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thanks dear for ur kind advice , this bloody health anxiety is ruining my life :(
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You seem to have a good grasp of what your health anxiety can do to your mind, and that puts you miles ahead of most people. I'm sure you're also aware that you have hypochondria with cancer as the focal point.

You've certainly had enough tests to rule out the cancers you've found on the Net and I strongly recommend you stop searching for more.

I suggest you have a very thorough physical evaluation and when nothing medical shows up, then it's time to consider getting into therapy to overcome your health anxiety. There is a root cause for your anxiety and once you and your therapist find it, you can work to overcome it.

I won't kid you, the work is hard, but if you stick with it, you'll get your life back and from personal experience I can tell you it's SO worth it.

I wish you the best
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