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eating and anxiety

Ok so while I'm having bad anxiety I don't really have an appetite but when I'm feeling half way normal I get weak and feel as though I'm going to pass out but I'm starving like I haven't ate in day... What affect does anxiety have on your digestive system?
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Hey i'm the same way. It *****. I don't have an appetite. I'm not eating right then I feel weak like i'm going to pass out. I'm so f'ing scared because just today started getting stomach and abdominal pain and my (this is embarrassing) stool has been getting light in color. Is this liver or pancreatic failure? I heard it is a symptom of something serious. Like the big C in the pancreas? I've been getting bloodwork done but don't know if it can detect the big C in the way of the pancreas or not. What would you guys recommend? What could detect it the best way? I had my liver and pancreas checked out via bloodwork and the Dr. didn't say anything...I take it as it came back ok but why the stomach and abdominal pain? Can anxiety cause this?
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