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effectiveness of prescribed drugs

what drugs are most effective for social anxiety disorder.
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Everyone's so different. Another class of antianxiety medications are Beta Blockers.
Beta Blockers are sometimes used for social anxiety. They block the release of epinepherine that cause all the awful symptoms anxiety cause....like sweating, trembling, rapid heart rate etc. You only take them when needed and not on an everyday bases if not needed.
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Everyone's metabolism works differently so not everyone has the same
success with different meds. If you do see a doctor though, he might
prescribe something like Lexapro or Cymbalta with maybe Klonopin to
help out. These were a big help for my nephew. Good luck!
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There are many good medications for this, but we all respond differently to them.  What works for one person, may not for another.  The best thing to do is see a psychiatrist as he is most knowledgeable when it comes to these types of medications and what would be best for you.  Think about therapy as well, this can be a big help with social anxiety.
Take care...
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Depends on you...benzos or antidepressant.
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