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effexor-weight loss

I have been on effexor sr and it caused a lot of weight gain.

Now, can extreme anxiety, stress, excesive smoking and low apetite cause weight LOSS despite effexor causing weight gain?
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If Effexor caused weight gain, then discontinuing will cause weight loss.  

While I was taking Klonopin, I gained 30-40 pounds, once I stopped, I lost the weight.  

Cigarette smoking can cause anxiety & stress.  Well at least in my case, cause I stress out all the time, knowing I need to quit, and get anxious when I light one up, knowing I'm doing harm to my body.  
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Well I didnt stop effexor but still losing weight. I also take klonopin

Smoking makes me more stressed and anxious as well. HAve u quit cigarettes?
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I did quit smoking Feb 06 cold turkey, for 1.5 years, after smoking 30 years, then started smoking again, due to stress from my thyroid condition.  I don't smoke as much as I used to and change cigarette brands, I used to smoke 2 packs of Kools menthol a day, now I smoke 1 pack Misty menthol lights 120's,.    

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