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effexor xr

I hve been on effexor xr75mg for 10 months and have just lowered down to 37.5 mg it was a bit rocky for the first few days but have now setteled down. I have been reading your questions ad was a bit concerned about the withdrawl systems i wasnt aware that they coud be so bad...so i was just wondering if those of yous have experienced the side effects if you stop cold turkey or if you slowly lowered your dosage.
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You're going to find people who suffer withdrawal no matter how they did it, and you're gong to find people who sailed through.  No way to predict.  What we'll all tell you is, don't do it cold turkey.  Just too hard when it is hard.  Go slowly so you can monitor what's happening, and go back on a higher dosage if you need to go slower.
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