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effexor xr

I have been placed on effexor xr to treat anxiety and depression. I have been on it for 3 days and am worse than before. It has made me restless to the point where I am twitching, unable to sleep, I am hungry all the time (which has never been a problem before) Find it very hard to think clearly, have found myself staring alot and cant stop grinding my teeth. Do I stop now or do as suggested and take a weeks course then go to my doctor?
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I couldn't handle the side effects of the Effexor so after 10 days my doctor switched me over to Cipralex which my body seems to have adapted to. I have been on that now for 10 days and have none of the side effects that I had with the Effexor. My doctor said that if had of stayed on the Effexor that the side effects would have diminished but I just couldn't take another day of naseau and twitching. Just my experience though.
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Whats worse...... being depressed and anxious, or unable to hold a thought, edgy, tired, hyperactive, numb and so much more that this drug is doing. I am starting to think that there is no help in getting back to 'normality'.
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