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effexor xr

hi there, I have recently gone cold turkey on two medications, effexor xr and lorazepam...I know I should have tapered off, but now I am on day 5 without the anti depressant and 2 wks without the sleeping pill. I started to do this only because i have been having an allergic reaction to something? and therefore was elimating certain foods/odours then it came down to meds...I am really only suffering with a bad back and muscle soreness...I am a personal trainer, so the aches are getting me down, but I tried going off the lorazepam last year and it was much worse. Should I continue going cold turkey now that the time has been invested? I am afraid I will go crazy if someone/thing upsets me, but I have so hated being addicted to medications.
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I always advise NEVER to stop any medication like an antidepressant and a benzo.  I really cannot give advise about whether you should go back on it as I am not a doctor, but I would definately call your doctor ASAP.  In my opinion, you can really do much more harm to your prognosis with anxiety and depression by coming off of this cold turkey; and depending how long and how much you were taking it can be dangerous.

Why do you think you were addicted to the medications?  Were you taking more than prescribed?  I used to be EXTREMELY against any forms of medication, but I am now a proponent of them as long as it is combined with talk therapy.  Please keep us posted.
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