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effexor xr

Does anyone out there take effexor xr for aniexty and depression?  I am on paxil right now but I am thinking of going on effexor xr.  Any insight will help. Thanks
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Is the paxil not working or are you having undesired side effects?  I have not taken effexor but people have in the forum.  Medications are definitely a personal endeavor in my opinion.  While some may reallly like one type, others may really dislike it.  In my experience, sometimes it does take a little trial ande error to find out which one is a good 'fit' for you.  As long as you do this under the advice of your doctor, you are doing the right thing in my opinion....keep us posted!
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I am on Effexor! I used to take Paxil, Celexa and many other things as well, but it just didnt work for me. I constantly had to keep upping my dosages.

But I switched Effexor and have been doing much better. Though the beginning was a doozie. lol.

It has really calmed me down! Of course I still have breakthrough anxitey, but I also have a prescription for Klonopin for that.

If you have the choice.. dont take Xanax. Klonopin is much better. Kicks in faster and lasts alot longer. And is alot less addictive.

Hope this helps.
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actually xanax kicks in faster, but klonopin lasts longer
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