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I TOOK IT AND FIRST DAY IT WORKS AWESOME , I'VE HEARD ALL BAD STUFF ABOUT IT BUT IT SEEMS TO BE WORKING BETTER THEN ANYTHING I'VE EVER TAKEN. AND PROZAC , ZOLOFT, CELEXA, TEGRATOL, LAMICTAL, WELLBUTRIN, AND BUSPAR, DID NOTHING FOR ME. BUT THIS IS ACTUALLY WORKING. I NEVER THOUGHT ANYTHING WOULD REALLY WORK. I FEEL LIKE MYSELF AGAIN. ANYONE ELSE HAVE A GOOD REACTION ON EFFEXOR? But now it's been a couple days and i've been having really bad headaches, and lastnight i couldn't even see straight will this symptom go away? I loved it at first but now i'm not sure some of the side effects scare me , sometimes i get hot flashes, and then feel like i'm going to faint?
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It takes 4-6 weeks to feel the full benefit of any medication and Effexor is no different.  There is always an adjustment period for these types of medications but it only last a week or two. I have taken Effexor with excellent results but we all react differently to these types of meds. I would give it at least two weeks unless the side effects become too much and then call your doctor.  They always want to hear from us if we have any concerns and he is qualified to tell you if this is due to your body adjusting to the medication or if it may not be the right one for you. I hope it works as well for you as it did me!  Take care...
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