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escitalopram and ulcers

Hi All, I am a 30 year old male suffering from obssessive thoughts, I had a stomach ulcers 6 years back and i use Rabeprazole 20 mg daily as a maintenance therapy, My GP suggested escitalopram (Lexapro 10mg) daily, after 2 weeks using the medicine i feel much better and my thoughts have come down, however 2 weeks into the medication i started having severe stomach burning sensation especially in the upper stomach behind the breast bone and the center of the rib cage, i recognise its the same feeling i had 6 years back when i had a duodenal ulcer. Lexapro is actually helping me in curing my disease however the side effects are worrying me alot. I am now on 40 mg dose of rabeprazole and 10mg of Lexapro. Is the use of lexapro causing this ulcer related symptoms? Can i reduce the dosage of lexapro to 5 mg by breaking the tablet into 2 ? Any one please advise
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Ulcers are not listed as a side effect of Lexapro.  I would contact your GI doctor about your stomach problems and go from there.  We aren't qualified to tell you how to change your prescribed dosage on medication(s).  You need to discuss this with your prescribing doctor. Don't assume your stomach problems are due to your medication, it may just be coincidental...ulcers can and do come back. Acid reflux (GERD) also mimics an ulcer, so you truly need to see your GI doctor for an evaluation.  Take care.
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All SSRI's have an increased risk of ulcers.you can Google it. I am having the same problem with ulcers. 3 in the past year. I love my lexapro but am thinking of getting off of it due to the ulcers.
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