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excessive thirst

for one week i am having excessive thirst even after drinking more..water.i keep drinking water only everytime,otherwise i am getting high pulse rate.i had blood test for sudden bp and everything was normal even theglucose level.please help what may be the problem with me.doctor said cause of my sudden bp and high pulse rate was due to anxiety,but i dont know why i am getting excessive thirst recently for one week.
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Excessive thirst is normally a sign of Diabetes, I would ask that the test be repeated.
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did he check you for diabeties ?
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Causes could be many:  Are you taking any medications?  Do you reside in the NE, where currently there is a heat wave, which could make you somewhat dehydrated.  Anxiety could also be the cause (ever heard the expression cotton mouth when anxious?)  If you get your sugar rechecked, make sure it is after a 12-hour fast (black coffee and water okay), and ask the physician to include a Hgb A1C.

In the interim, despite fluid intake, if your oral cavity is still dry, there are mouthwashes made specifically for people suffering from dry mouth. They contain enzymes similar to those in saliva.  

Hope this information helps.
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You need to see an Endocrinologist to rule out problems with your endocrine system, which would include your liver.  
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Now mammo doesn't like that YOU have knowledge, so she has to show you up. I suppose one should feel sorry for her since it's obvious by her prodigious posting that she has no life outside of MH. But I've seen firsthand that her heart is mean and vindictive and have zero tolerance for her.

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I respectfully disagree with your recommendations.
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