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extreme weakness in legs and arms

Hello ,
For the last 6  months I was feeling very bad ... My mayor symptom was some dizziness spells like jerking sensation. I ve seen many doctors , had many test done ( even an MRI ) . Everything came back normal . So the doctors told me that it could be depression . I kept waiting to feel better without any medicine . (  since I ve a 6 months old baby and I am still breastfeeding I can not use medicines ) . But I ve never felt normal again.
10 days ago I ve started feeling weakness on my legs ( both ) . ( something I ve never experienced before ) . Since that they , I feel extreme weakness and tiredness in my legs and arms . It starts in the morning and lasts till I go to bed. I never wake rested . I feel very mild spasm and twitching on my muscles  . I feel better while seating or liying down . I feel like I am going to pass out .
I am really concerned about this weakness .
so here are my questions :
1 ) can this be a different side of anxiety  ?
2 ) Have you ever experienced some jerking sensation ? ( like someone behind you was pushing you forward ? )
I am now worrying about these . I am afraid of having something like ALS , or MS ...
Thank you very much.
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  did you get your thyroid checked?  this weakness can be a sign of hypothyroidism. get it checked and let me know what you find out.
love Venora
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I know exactly what you are going through. I have had all the tests and they were all normal too. I keep trying to remind  myself that its all anxiety, which as you know isn't that easy. I'm also scared to death of MS/ALS but the dr reassures me its not. This is a new symptom for me and of all the ones i have ever had this one is the worse for me. I hate the muscle weakness. and it hurts. i hope that knowing someone else has the same thing makes you feel a little better.
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Thank you very much . It really helps to know that we are not alone.
I was just wondering if you ve had any dizziness the way I am describing it. (jerking and rocking sensation )
thanks again
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I have the same thing. The more I think about it, the weaker my legs and arms seem to get. I heard that muscle stretching excercises as well as muscle calming excercises can help. I also get twicthes all over my body. I think the best help is to not think about it (I know, yeah right) which is very hard for me to do but it seems if I keep my mind occupied I dont notice it as much. I've been beside myself with worry these last few weeks that I have a neurological disease but sometimes I just have to sit back and think, did the weakness symptoms come before the anxiety (which I've had for about 6 months) or did the anxiety come before the weakness? Chances are it would be extremely rare to have catastrophic disease symptoms after the anxiety. At least thats what my doctor tells me. Sometimes it helps to think about that and sometimes I could care less and am convinced I have something. Hope this helps, I know I still have a long road to go before I dont have symptoms anymore. It helps that someone else has these symptoms though. Thank you for posting!
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Once in a while i get this rocking sensation, just before i fall to sleep. it feels like the top half of my body is moving forward and backward, when in fact, i am not moving at all. does this sound like yours.
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I have been having a lot of these exact symptoms lately. I have been having terrible anxiety for about a month now and It came straight from my grandmother and my dad. I have been having  extreme weakness in my arms and legs and the more i think about it the worse it gets. Its nearly impossible to get my mind off the weakness but when I do it really seems to go away. I am also fearing MS terribly. I have had CT scans blood work and other tests done. Tomorrow I am going to see a neurologist and hopefully everything comes back normal. I have also been having dizziness quite often. Its very hard to stay focused and its taking over my life.
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Even I feel very weak in my legs and hands when I think more about it. It all seems like falling in an infinite loop. I also feel pumping of my heart. The whole situation results in panic attack. I always fear about terrible Neurological or heart disorders.
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First I am a 21 year old male. who has been diagnosed with anxiety  by two doctors
ok for me it all started on july just with tiredness and constant headaches like for 2-3 weeks (I thought I had a stroke, brain tumors, cancer, and I thought i wouldnt make it more than a month from then). Then around september i was good. In October dizziness came 24/7 with diahrrea and stomach pain (I thought i had pancreatic cancer[most of the time], stomach cancer, esophagus cancer). by that time i had already visited the doctor about 3 times and gone to hospital emergency room and they all said anxiety. By the end of november I was more convinced that it really was anxiety and i was starting to get better...like the sun was shining on me again....that only lasted about a week then the dizziness came back(not as strong) and i also felt random pains all over my body (hands, arms, legs, feet) so I thought i had leukimia, lupus, fybromalgia, lyme disease. Also I started noticing petachie (red small dots around my body) and that my skin was really dry and sensitive. AND THEN (around december 15) I MADE A HUGE MISTAKE : I started reading about als...and suddenly i felt like my speech was slured and messed up....two days after i started gettting twitches on my leg....they spreaded all over my body....then i got pain on my leg and stiffness...and now...my left arm feels so week and has that spaghettim sensation, and I am in a constant state of doom, I am convinced I have als while my logical side says that it cant be. I do know I am a hypochondriac and that it could be it, but the physical symptoms are there like my leg and arm and the twitches. I also think that maybe God wants to kill me ( I know a horrible thing to think) and that makes me feel even more doomed.
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Also I sometimes I think that maybe I could have gotten als because I thought of it so much. its like I need to make a reason to justify the illness.
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When my anxiety started happening a few months back, I had weakness EVERYWHERE in my body, especially my legs and arms, infact I still do every so often, but not as much, it's usually when i'm walking somewhere where it starts kicking in. I always have a dizzy sensation, and I always feel like im going to faint, but I have been tolled by a doctor that it's 100% impossible if it's just anxiety. I don't know if that helps, but that's just something from my experience.
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That happend to me and i could not get up off the floor.  I was taken to the er and told my electolyes were all out of wack and very low and also i was dehydrated.  It took two months to get my muslces back.
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I generally feel weakness in my left hand before situation becomes worse and it spreads to whole of my body. My psychiatrist says it is anxiety. I also sometimes have a something rushing in my head which makes me run amok. But then if I engage myself in something else, it subsides for a while. Now for last few days I started seeing halos if I see lights at night. Summing all these symptoms I am feared to death. I use internet to search for all worse outcomes of these symptoms.
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