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fear of ALS - yes I am a hypochondriac

Just like all the times before, when I thought I had a heart problem or cancer or parkinsons, this time I feel this one is for real. Within the last three months I heard of three people who have ALS, so I found out a bit about it, but not too much detail. Just the fact that you lose your ability to function.

So I go about my life and then one day I decided to do stairs at my work (I work in a tall 15 story building). When I got to the fourth flight of stairs, my left leg started feeling really heavy and I could not go on any more. So I thought it was because I have not done any major exercise in a while. I've started doing stairs now, but do it quite slowly so the leg does not tire out so much.

Then one day randomly, I felt like my left arm feels very heavy and tired. I didn't think much of it, just thought it's because I haven't worked out for a while. Then a couple of weeks later, I started getting muscle spasms all over my body. That's when I google searched and bam....there is ALS. Since then, I've been obsessed that I have this!!!! I have started lifting dumbells and sure enough my left arm gives out after a rep of 20 vs. I can't feel any pain in my right arm. Left arm burns like crazy. I'm doing strength tests, walking on tippy toes and heels, I can do both. I'm trying to get up from the sofa on one leg, can do it, but definitely the left leg feels heavier. Oh by the way a few weeks ago, I was walking and my daughter and husband saw me from a far and just made a comment about whether I was limping? I said no, but they said oh it seemed like it from a far, but maybe it was because you were walking fast. So that sticks out as an alarm to me as well. Am I limping without realizing because perhaps my left leg is getting weaker? I hope I haven't bored you with my long story, but I am extremely worried at this time and feel like am not able to function. I hope to get some reassurance here from others who have gone through the same fears

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So I'm definitely spiraling down fast. I've been doing dumbells ten times or more a day on both arms. The left one gives out after 20 and the right can keep going, so then I thought about looking at the two arms really closely and measuring them and sure enough, the left one is thinner than the left by about half an inch. Now I'm totally freaking out and convinced myself that this is ALS. I can't think straight or function anymore and scheduled to go on spring break tomorrow, which means I can't make a doctor's appointment till Monday or after when I get back. not sure how I'm going to stay calm over the weekend for the sake of my family :( Yes definitely extremely anxious but I feel like this time my anxiety is with a reason. I so appreciate both specialmom and Paxiled for your responses!
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Here's guessing, just by statistical probability, that you're right handed.  That means your right arm is stronger than your left.  You also don't say what you're doing with dumbbells and what your level of fitness is -- if you're just starting out it will take time to get used to it.  If you're doing too much, it will hurt.  If your form is poor it will hurt and you will get injured.  This isn't ALS, but again, if you think it is something, see a doctor.  For your anxiety, see a therapist.  
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So, ya.  You sound like a hypochondriac.  And severely anxious.  What do about that?  You are willing to project illness upon yourself that you do not have but what do you do about the real life mental health illness you suffer? Do you see a psychiatrist and a psychologist?  You need to and right away.  This is no way to live. I'm assuming you've had a physical and if not, go ahead.  Do that and rule out all issues like ALS.  And while there, speak about your mental health issue and seek true help for it.  It's an illness just like ALS and you need to take steps to overcome it.  good luck
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Just want to second that when a person who isn't anxious gets things like this, they either wait to see if it goes away or they go to their doctor to get an exam.  Anxious people often worry themselves to death and do nothing about it.  ALS is really really uncommon and the chances you have it are unlikely, but anxious people aren't immune from having physiological problems.  So yes, do treat the anxiety if you're not doing it now if it's gotten to the point you're Googling for diseases -- never do that, unless you already have a diagnosis and are just checking, because we all have symptoms that might be part of a disease so Google will just be a horror show without any benefit since you can't diagnose yourself with it -- but also if you're concerned about your health also see the doctor.  
First have yourself checked by a doctor. Then deal with the results. If it's nothing major,  you'll feel better for knowing. Otherwise you'll be treated and you can get out of the vortex that you're caught in.
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