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fear of going crazy. anxiety and obsessive thoughts.

Lately I've been suffering with this mild anxiety and obsessive thought of going crazy/insane. I have at least 3 mild panic attack in the past month and a half. I must admit that I am somewhat hypochondria.

I feel like those anxiety attack kind of trigger my OCD about going insane. It's really one of the worse feeling. Always had this fear of going schizophrenia, psychosis, etc. and the more I research it, it always scares me. I know my obsessive thoughts are weird but would I be in more risk thinking about it and my anxiety worsen?

I don't have any known mental illness in my family (none of my uncles, cousins, aunts, grandparents, siblings, or parents on both side of my family don't have any very serious mental illness).

I'm not feeling any type of depression, nor I'm going through anymore stressful situations. My "mild" anxiety doesn't really effect my social life and be able to do the things I do everyday (like go to school, hang out with friends and family, going out in general, etc).

But it is rather annoying and overwhelming.
I feel like I'm a little bit more irritable. Have more awareness to sound. Anxious at times. Worry about the wrong things.

I'm only 20. I RARELY EVER drink. I don't smoke weed or cigarettes. I feel like I'm actually an average healthy person with no known illness besides my bad allergies. Trying to reduce my caffiene intake (although I don't drink soda or high caffiene products). Not taking any anti depressants or SSRI. Because I feel like it's mild to moderate. not severe.

I actually visited a psychologist talk about my fears and obsessive thoughts. And to a doctor to relieve my anxiety symptoms (light head, nausea, dizziness, pressure on my head). My blood pressure, heart rate, and physical exam was normal..

hate this obsessive thought and feeling. maybe I'm fearing my anxiety attacks?
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How many times did you see the psychologist? It takes more than one session for benefit.
Ive seen her once. I'm looking for another visits. What did you suggest?
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You don't have OCD.  People on this forum are using this term more and more in a very loose way.  It's a good idea to see a psychologist who specializes in anxiety treatment so this doesn't become chronic, though there are other ways to deal with it as well.  But therapy is a good start, but know that most psychologists don't specialize in anxiety.  As mentioned, one visit doesn't even get you started in therapy -- it takes as long as it takes.  One question I'd ask is, did anything happen that might have triggered this?
Well I was watching a documentary about it in class. About mental illness. It scared me.

My conclusion is that I'm not use to this overwhelming feeling. Just feeling out of place with the thought of going crazy is my fear, my anxiety.

It's not severe or chronic for sure. I never really had anxiety when I was a kid.

I can still do the things I do in a daily basis. At times I do feel anxious. But it doesn't bother me. I feel more hyper aware of my surrounding and even noises.
Know that kid's anxiety isn't the same as adult anxiety, though I don't know how old you are and whether you're an adult or not.  You're not going "crazy."  Anything happening at home or at school or in your social life that might have caused you to feel insecure?  This is the sort of stuff a good therapist can settle your mind about if it doesn't just go away as you age.  How old are you?  Some ages are just full of angst that goes away.
I'm not trying to be rude or anything, but who are you to say he doesn't have OCD, I'm not saying he does but your no a psychiatrist, so don't diagnose people
Because I have it.  And when I didn't have it, I got diagnosed with it.  Anyone can do homework, and after 30 plus years of this nonsense any well-educated person would pick up on what's going on.  And you better well do your homework, because I got my OCD from the medication they dole out.  I learned the hard way, and I don't want others to have to do that.  Sweetheartgirl, if you've been on here as long as I have you'll see so many people who believe they have some form of OCD who just don't -- they don't have compulsive behaviors.  Every mental disorder involves obsessive thinking or we wouldn't have them.  I'm not diagnosing, I'm reassuring -- saying what someone doesn't have doesn't diagnose what they do have.  Peace.
I have been diagnosed with OCD too and what he described sounds pretty much like pure OCD, but I'm not saying that's what it is because I could be wrong. So don't tell people what they do or do not have,your not a professional neither am I.  He should go get diagnosed, so he can finally get better. I hope he does
I have been diagnosed with OCD too and what he described sounds pretty much like pure OCD, but I'm not saying that's what it is because I could be wrong. So don't tell people what they do or do not have,your not a professional neither am I.  He should go get diagnosed, so he can finally get better. I hope he does
I am truly and deeply sorry that, that have happened to you, but if you've been informed pure OCD is where your compulsions are not seen by others, they either be mental compulsions, such as checking the past, checking your own body, or another compulsion that is often used in pure OCD is googling and reassurance seeking
Thanks for writing. I'm 20. I've seen a psychologist once. Looking for more visits.

This is my honest feeling on my situation.
I am totally aware of everything. I have no depression or stressful situations. Don't have a rough childhood. Never was diagnosed with any ADHD, ADD, other disorders. No family history of mental ilnnes. Nothing really makes me feel insecure. Relatively I'm a healthy person. I still feel normal. BUT, there are days when I just feel anxious and out of place. Some days I feel sick (light head, dizzy, nausea). Which maybe symtoms of anxiety.
I have nothing to be insecure about.

Watched this doucumentary about mental illness about schizo, psychosis.

Makes me scared of turning into one. But I know that I'm not. But its a scary constant thought. What are my chances of it? Will I get it by thinking about it? That's my question to you. Thanks it means a lot to me.
From what you describe, you sound like you're more a candidate for therapy than meds.  But make sure the psychologist specializes in anxiety treatment, because most of them don't and won't know how to teach you the best techniques for overcoming it.  Sweetheartgirl and I sound like we both have had it pretty bad, but you sound like it's not completely disrupting your life.  I think you'll overcome this with some work.  Good luck.
Sweetheartgirl, I'm sorry you're suffering.  My own view is that there's no such thing as Pure O or HOCD or several types of bipolar and all the other bogus diagnoses out there.  Most of these are recent diagnoses that have made it into the diagnostic manuals mostly at the urging of the pharmaceutical industries to get patents on drugs to treat these "conditions" and by mental health professionals to get reimbursed by insurance companies.  As I said, every single person with a mental illness has obsessive thoughts.  The only reason this concerns me isn't that it really alters treatment -- it really doesn't, as the same meds and the same techniques are used for these named disorders as for plain old anxiety and phobias and the like.  But labels can be very frightening and defining for people and can therefore make their thinking even worse for them.  It's scary enough to suffer anxiety; it's even worse to be told you have something scary sounding like OCD or bipolar 2.  Especially if you don't.  It just seems easier to keep OCD to a simple definition because the treatment for true OCD really is different -- you have to face your compulsive behavior, do it, and hopefully realize it won't hurt you if you don't do it.  But treatment for "Pure O" is the same for any other anxiety problem -- you have to learn to stop thinking like that, if you can, but there's no behavior to stop doing.  Clear difference.  But I've been through this before on here and many disagree with me on this point, which is fine.  Posters are free to listen to whoever makes the most sense.  Keep on helping.  Peace.
Trust me, this is just temporary. I'm not suffering and it's not as serious. I felt like I over exgerrated on my problems. But in reality, I'm doing pretty fine.
Day by day, it's slowly fading away. Felt like it triggered my fear since I watched that documentary. I've searched around and seen many people with this fear and obsessive thought. Totally normal.
Don't need any medication. I'm doing fine. Like I said, there days when I feel anxious. But it's getting better day by day. I'm always on the run. Whether it's going out with my family, friends, working out, eating, and also traveling. I do the things I do everyday without problem. My sinus are also bad, my pressure gives me a headache and feel like it make me anxious. Thanks for writing. But I do feel like I need at least couple sessions and I'll be fine. Everything I say is my true feelings. Thanks for writing,
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