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feeling like i have a lump in my throat

My doctor keeps thinking I have anxiety which I know I suffer from but does anyone else have a problem like mine?

Every time I eat something I feel like the food is stuck in my throat and I can't swallow properly.

I'm really worried about osophagus cancer.

Thanks Lorry
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yes.  I think I constantly have food or a pill in my throat.

does it ever make you gag.  I do all the time.  If I spit nothing comes up so I dont think there is anything in my throat.

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Mine is similar. It started with post nasal drip that I couldn't clear some mornings. Hard to sawallow. Sometimes it is like something is in back of throat...not lump, just something stuck..then my back of tongue or lower jaw will seem tight.
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I posted a forum just like this describing the same thing,, I always feel like i have a pill or a piece of food in my throat..
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place your hands in front of your throat w/ thumb on one side and the rest on the opposite side(about 3 inches apart).try to do a practice first by jerking your throat up and down a few times, then when ur ready try to cough as you jerk your throat upwards . see if it helps.do it a few times.
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get your thyroid checked.
Love Venora
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I too get that sensation.  I know I feel something weird going on from time to time. It bothers me when I cough or swallow and the sensation doesn't go away.  It's hard to not focus on it, but that makes you feel and think worse.  The main thing, even if there is something wrong, it probably isn't going to suffocate you.  I used feel this all the time along with gasping for air.  Anxiety is a terrible thing.  It's just best to learrn to control it.  Over time, you won't encounter these problems.  I've posted my research/findings to life style changes so many times.  Check out my comments on the other questions.  I really feel like I have healed myself.  I'm still prone, but knowing your triggers is HUGE!
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