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feeling out of breath in your sleep

I've been experiencing some really scary symptoms. For the past 2 nights I've waken up in the middle of the night out of breath ,like if someones was smothering me with a pillow or something, and every time i try to fall asleep  i feel that sensation again. It happen to me like a year ago, and i went to the ER they did a chest X ray and told me it was normal. I've been experiencing anxiety now for 13 years and it's really hard . don't know if this is part of anxiety or what? Has anyone ever felt this?      
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you may be having panic attacks while sleeping.
After a relative of mine passed away a couple of years ago i had trouble sleeping and was having nightmares. I had a bad nightmare and woke up gasping for breath. then when someone came in the room and talked to me it just disappeared. I solved it by drinking warm milk before bed (sounds childish but it really does relax you for bed).
Good Luck
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hi, i just posted myself.

i have experienced this myself once and it was scary.

if you read my post tell me yr opinion if you have experienced this yrself.

hang in there!!!
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